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We are an Inbound Marketing Agency.

We create interactive generational experiences for your customers. We’re passionate about strategy, obsessed with insights, and fanatical about results. If you need an inbound marketing agency that can help you reach your goals through content marketing and lead generation, you should hire us.
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Ingenex is recognized as a Hubspot Partner because we not only bring the inbound message to our clients, but also because we execute inbound marketing services to the highest standards.


Everything we do at Ingenex is guided by the following question: Will it help our clients meet their business goals? We don’t suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, nor do we force clients to participate on social networks if their customers aren’t on them. We believe in Relevance, Context and Timing.

We also believe that inbound marketing is the best way to engage prospects and convert them into loyal customers. Through inbound marketing we drive the right visitors to targeted landing pages where we convert them into qualified leads and—through relevant content—into longterm customers.

Web and App Development

Web and App Development

We help you tell your brand story through stunning web design, compelling content and focused landing pages that convert prospects into leads. We design user-friendly websites that employ responsive design so your customers have a consistent experience, regardless of what device they access your content from. Learn how our Responsive Design approach provides a better experience for your customers »

Inbound Content Marketing


Great content = Loyal customers. We work closely with you to create content that is exciting and relevant to your audience. We promote that content using a variety of platforms, including social media, blogs, forums, landing pages and paid search. Learn how our Inbound Marketing approach will turn your visitors into loyal customers »

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the glue that binds other media together, strengthening them and amplifying them. By promoting relevant content in your social marketing, we greatly increase your chances of being seen, read, interacted with and shared. Learn how our Social Media Marketing approach can strengthen your campaigns »

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Measure, refine, optimize. We measure your campaigns to learn which ones are converting, what types of prospects become customers and what content people read most. Our analysis informs all of our strategic decisions and provides actionable recommendations to improve your customers’ online experiences with your brand. Learn how we can demonstrate business success for your brand ».

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