Web Design

Conversion Driven, Responsive Websites

Superior website design has never been more important to your brand. It’s no longer enough to have a site; if it’s not usable on multiple platforms—from a single build—you’re losing customers and your brand’s reputation and credibility suffers.

Responsive Web Design is Key

Web Standards. In the early part of the century, that meant coding to a globally accepted standard to reduce costs on development and give all visitors a consistent experience no matter what browser they used. But we were only on computers then. We have a lot more options for browsing the Web. More people are viewing the Web from a mobile device than from a computer.

That’s why at Ingenex, we build Responsive Web Designs (RWD). RWD provides solutions to many current problems in Web and app design:

  1. Responsive Design is a single site build that detects what device the visitor is using and adapts its content to meet the expectations of that design.
  2. Responsive Design adapts to the dimensions of the device (i.e., smaller screen on mobile).
  3. Responsive Design understands how the content is being controlled by the viewer (Is it a mouse? A trackpad? A gesture? Voice input?).
  4. Responsive Design even detects the bandwidth of the visitor’s connection and changes what content is delivered. For example, a person on a Bluetooth connection in an airport using their smartphone is not going to be happy about loading a 5-Megabyte homepage!

Responsive Build = Intelligent Build

In short, we build sites that are intelligent. They provide a consistent experience for your visitors whether they’re on their laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet or Internet-enabled TV, and regardless of their Internet connection, our builds will serve them a site that’s appropriate for their situation.