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How to Write a Catchy E-mail Subject Line (That Performs)

If we sent you an email with this blog post’s links, you opened it (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading us). What made you open that email?

Remember your answer to that question as you continue reading.

Your email’s subject line is critical to getting a recipient to open it.

How important? As much as 47 percent of email marketing recipients say they chose to open an email (or not) based solely on its subject line!

That’s putting a lot of pressure on your email marketing savvy, but we’ve got you covered: take a  look below for our tips (remember: you opened OUR email!) to help you write an email subject line that gets you a solid click rate.

1. A good 67 percent of email click-throughs take place on a mobile device.

So it’s a good idea to keep your subject line short, as in no more than 50 characters.

2. The “sender” should be someone your recipients “could” know.

In other words, “Derek, Ingenex Digital “is FAR better than Even an email from “Ingenex Digital” isn’t personal enough. People just don’t like to open emails from strangers and company names scream corporate and impersonal.

3. Segment your emails.

We provide digital marketing to franchise developers, universities/colleges and others. An email subject line touting our success in getting more freshmen to enroll at XYZ University isn’t going to get many click-through responses from franchisors wanting to increase engagement with potential franchisees.

4. Tell them what’s inside your email.

Are you offering a free eBook? A discount? A case study? A 25 percent discount? Say so!

5. Specific. Specific.

Which would you be more likely to open: “6 Guaranteed Ways to Get More Freshman Applications” or “Tips for Increasing Freshmen Applications”?

6. Action. Action.

It’s not always possible, but try to start your subject line with action-oriented verbs. Examples:

  • Rev Up Your Startup’s Marketing with 3 Engaging Emails
  • Dine with the Dean at XYZ University Dec. 15
  • Open a Home-Based Franchise for Under $70K 

7. Make ‘em feel special!

Who doesn’t like to feel important? Your prospects sure do! So subject lines that promote “exclusive offers,” “a free gift for you,” “For our current customers only,” etc. can be email marketing messages that reward you with a high click rate.

8. Numbers! Use them!

Man counting on his fingers

As mentioned above, email subject line content should be specific. Numbers feel like data and data always are specific. They also set clear expectations regarding what’s inside the message. In fact, subject lines with numbers often are email marketing best performers.

9. You don’t need to be clever.

Straightforward subject lines that are short, to the point and which describe what’s in the email perform best.

As mentioned above, we offer digital and email marketing services to universities, startups, franchise business owners, non-profits/associations, and more. Ingenex Digital Marketing is a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner and we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how our expertise when it comes to email subject lines can help you improve your click and open rate, and avoid un-subscribes and spam lists. Contact us today.

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