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Why Choose an Agency?

So, you’re debating the idea of hiring an agency to manage your Inbound campaigns and you’re asking yourself “Why choose an agency?”


You’re thinking the platform is easy enough to learn, and might you even have a good understanding of the Inbound strategy and methodology. You’re saying to yourself “Why don’t I just do it all myself?” You absolutely can! That’s the beauty of HubSpot.


But let’s dig into the process a bit more and expose some of the realities of Inbound Marketing, and hopeful help you to decide if—realistically—you can commit to doing it yourself.


Inbound Takes Time

If you know the Inbound methodology at all then you know that the beauty of it lies in its subtly. Slowly converting strangers into leads, then into customers, and then ultimately tuning them into your company’s biggest fans.


This doesn’t just happen magically though. There are many steps in between that get us there. Blogging, social media, lead nurturing, content development, persona development—the list goes on!


But how long does it take, and how much will it cost your company?

Well, let’s break it down.

Here is pretty handy list of what goes into a typical month of Inbound marketing that Hubspot compiled.

Campaign Component

In-house (cost in hours)

Agency (cost in $)

Buyer Persona Development6 hours$1000
Content Idea Development3 hours$200
8 blog articles16 hours$1600 (8 articles at $200/)
1 premium offer6 hours$1250
Call-to-action button & Landing page1.5 hours$150
Email nurturing series3 hours$200
Social Distribution2 hours$500
Paid Promotion4 hours$1000 (not include management cost)
TOTALS41.5 hours$5900

This should give you a general idea; it is not all encompassing of tasks or projects, and keep in mind that each month can differ greatly. There may be a big project one month that takes up most of your hours. So, use this as a point of reference, not an exhaustive list that is set in stone.


Time = Money

The biggest take away should be that over 40 hours of your in-house time and resources will need to be dedicated to your Inbound marketing campaigns. That’s a lot.


If you have the time and resources, this may work out well for you. It’s especially advantageous if you prefer to have your hands on all aspects your marketing campaigns. You’ll be able to see, in real time, the goings-on of each campaign and make edits on the fly if needed.


But most companies find that they don’t have that type of time and resources to commit to their Inbound marketing strategies. This means that either your marketing or your business development get ignored. Neither are going to help your company in the long run.


I can’t afford to commit that much time to marketing!

If this is the case, hiring someone to take care of it all for you would be more beneficial. An agency can offer you their Inbound marketing expertise, and manage it all on your behalf. Strategies and goals are established at the onset, then we take care of the rest. You’ll be less hands on, but through regular reporting you’ll always be abreast of your Inbound marketing campaigns.


Ultimately what it comes down to is do you have the time, or the money to spare to implement a quality Inbound campaign yourself?


Ask yourself: Can I dedicate in-house time and resources to lead nurturing, blogging, content development, implementation, etc.? If the answer is no, give us a holler. He can definitely help you out! And as a HubSpot Gold Partner, we can even get you a great price on the HubSpot product. So that’s awesome.


Ingenex Digital Marketing is a Michigan-based digital marketing agency with extensive experience helping all types of companies with their Inbound marketing campaigns.


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