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What’s Your Open Rate?

Right before you hit “send” on your email marketing campaign do you do give a small prayer, take a deep breath, cross your fingers (and toes) and otherwise just hope, hope, hope, hope that this campaign has at least an industry-standard open rate?

We feel your pain.

After all, you can only create and send the email; you can’t make anyone who receives it open it, let alone act upon it. And that’s rather scary: being able to control to the nth degree what you say (particularly your subject line) but not what someone does with your email.

And if visions of being called on the carpet by your boss when she calls you in to her office with a big whiteboard above her desk with “disappointing 15 percent open rate” blocked out in big black letters makes you hyperventilate, we’re here to help.

Take a look below for some open rate benchmarks, click through rates, trends and over all email marketing advice.

First of all, relax a bit: the HubSpot industry-standard open rate we linked to above is a bit, shall we say, tough, on benchmarks/industry standards. Email platform provider MailChimp’s own research found that the average open rate for all of the industries they researched was about 21 percent. MUCH better, no?! (Make sure you send the boss THAT open rate statistic!)

Your open rate is the best way to tell if your email marketing strategy is working. And that means you have a subject line that resonates with your target audience. (More on subject lines in a moment).

Your click-through rate (the percentage of people who open your email and then click on a link you provide in the email’s body) is the second most important statistic when it comes to email campaigns. And click rates are a LOT lower than open rates: MailChimp goes on to say that the Hobbies category gets the most clickthrough rates of any other: 4.78 percent!

Almost 50 percent of people will decide to open your email – or not – based on your subject line alone. Here, from HubSpot, are a few tips on how to write a subject line that will help your email marketing recipients want to open your email:

Tip #1: Keep it short: no more than 50 characters (includes spaces)

Tip #2: Make sure the “from” name is from a real person.

Tip #3: If possible, include the recipient’s first name in the subject line. But don’t go overboard with this tactic: use it occasionally.

Tip #4: Personalize your lists. Take note of what recipients have done in the past. Or, as HubSpot advises, don’t send news about your restaurant’s sale on steak dinners to a vegetarian.

Tip #5: Never lie and never over-promise.

Tip #6: Tell them what the email is about. This works best when someone is expecting something from you: “Your free e-book is ready to download.”

Tip #7: Cute and clever is cute and clever, but concise and clear is much better. Don’t confuse people with humor.

Tip #8: Start with action verbs. “Dine with…” “Win…”

Tip #9: Communicate urgency/timeliness, but don’t lie. Only say “for a limited time,” for example, if your offer truly has a limited time.

Tip #10: Ask a compelling question. As example, once asked “What can you afford?” and provided a link to apartments inside the email’s body.

Tip #11: No ALL CAPS and watch those exclamation points!!!!

Tip #12: A/B test your subject lines. You may think one subject line is going to get far more opens than another, and testing will let you know if you’re right.

Email marketing still is one of the top performing marketing tactics around, allowing you to target your prospects and personalize your message in ways no other marketing strategies can.

As mentioned above, though, unless you create a compelling message and offer, you probably won’t get the results we know you can enjoy. Let Ingenex Digital Marketing help you. No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll help you reach – and exceed – average email stats.

Do you have an important email marketing campaign coming up, one that you just know your boss is counting on to grow leads as they’ve never grown before? Contact us!

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