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What’s Trending?

Do you feel like your content is missing the mark or are you looking for ways to increase engagement? Sometimes it can feel like your content is hitting a wall, but a great content exercise is to use what’s trending to make your content unique and applicable. Some of these things you see everyday and may not realize how they can help your content.

Facebook and Twitter’s trending modules are good sources to start. Facebook’s lends itself to news items more than anything else and can vary depending on things like what hashtags are popular, what pages you like, and your location. Twitter’s “Trends” is more succinct and shows popular keywords and hashtags and if you want to see a feed of tweets with those keywords or hashtags, all you have to do is click. Twitter’s “Trends” are determined by many of the same factors as Facebook’s such as who you follow and your location so both of these can feel narrow in scope if it’s limited to just your preferences.

You can also track industry keywords and hashtags using social streaming tools. This can make it easier to track trends related to something more specific. For instance, if I wanted to track news related to lead generation, I could set up a stream in Hootsuite that track tweets and Facebook posts mentioning #leadgeneration. Pretty easy, and very customizable. Check and see if your streaming tool of choice offers that, most do.

Google Trends is a dashboard that can show you trending searches and topics and includes capabilities to monitor keywords. You can subscribe to trending searches, similar to a Google Alert, and narrow what shows on your dashboard based on location. There’s also this neat visualizer that shows the same information in a simpler form.

One of my favorite ways to find information is to subscribe to other blogs similar to yours. It gets you outside of your own bubble and you never know what you might learn. Some of my favorites blogs and news sources are Mashable, TechCrunch, and AdWeek. Take a few minutes out of your day to read articles and news stories. Not only will it help your content, but it’ll keep your mind fresh, too.

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