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Website Redesign: Ingenex Launches Two New Websites

At Ingenex Digital Marketing, we are always busy creating the best work for our clients. This month has been especially busy, as we prepared for the launch of two new client websites! Yes, website redesign was on the menu, and we ordered a double.

After months of planning, designing, and building, both are now available to the public.

Website redesign CTA

Open Window Makes it Debut

Open Window Logo

This was a build-from-scratch situation, and we were happy to do it. The team from Open Window approached us to not only set up their website, but also their branding, SEO, and e-commerce.

This client’s product is used in household and apartment windows to increase airflow, regardless of the weather outside. Other benefits include increased privacy and lowered electricity bills. They needed a website that showcased these benefits, while communicating the brand’s values of environmentalism and connecting to nature.

Not only did we create a beautiful, valuable website design, we also provided an animated video to demonstrate the worth of the product. The Open Window imagery, color selection, and logo all create a feeling of openness, freshness, and eco-friendliness.

The New Ashling Partners Hits the Web

Ashling Partners is an intelligent automation consultant company growing at an extremely quick pace. Because of this rapid advancement, they soon outgrew their original website. They needed a new brand identity and a new website to suit their currents needs.

Ashling Partners website redesign mockup on phone, tablet, and computer

We took all of their requests — an events page, partners page, and a clearer buyer’s journey were among those — and created an easily editable, flexible website to suit their growing company. We also worked to create a new logo and branding that showcases their infinite improvement process.

This scalable solution was exactly what they needed, considering they too are in the business of providing scalable solutions.

Let Us Redesign Your Website Too

We have the experience, as you can see above. If you need a website, a website redesign, or maybe just a few updates here and there, contact us here.

Ingenex Digital Marketing has been helping businesses improve their inbound marketing for over a decade now. Let us set you on the right track to success, just like we did with these two clients.

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