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Ways to Find Investors

You’re building a startup. You have your business plan, KPI stats, as well as your pitch ready for angels and other financing partners. But you need to find investors to pitch your plan to, right? Let’s talk about ways to find investors.


First off, congratulations on getting this far!

Truly! Most startups die quickly, and some do so before they ever put together their business plan. So the fact that you’re even at the point that you’re looking to finance your startup with the help of investors is something definitely to be commended.


Fair warning before you move ahead

We’d be remiss if we failed to mention that it’s not always necessary – or wise – to find investors for your startup. Here are a few reasons why:


  1. It’s “almost impossible” to get investment for your very first startup. The popularity of Shark Tank notwithstanding, getting angels to invest in you is tough! (Besides, many of the deals struck the show on air fall apart after the cameras stop rolling.)
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  2. You’re selling ownership of your company and, more importantly, your investors become your boss! (Aren’t you starting a company because you no longer want to answer to a boss?)
  3. Your investor(s) could take the company away from you (it does happen).


Where to find investors

With all that said, if you’ve decided that you need to find investors for your startup, here’s where you can find them:

  • Take a look at AngelList, a site that exists to help job seekers find work at startups, but it also lists people interested in investing in startups. You will have to sign up/ask permission to find investors, but once you do, you can search by location, funding amount, etc. Here, for example, is a list of potential investors near Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • and are just two additional sites to help you search for investors.
  • Consider going to events and conferences attended by the types of investors you seek.
  • Think about hiring a professional fundraiser for startups.


Once you find investors to approach, before pitching anything to them, make sure you are completely and absolutely prepared. We can’t emphasize this enough. Intense pitch preparation is critical!

But once you strike a funding deal, you’re off and running! Your investors undoubtedly will want to see some sales coming in quickly, so you’ll want to start marketing your products/services ASAP (if you haven’t done so already).


Now that you’re funded, you’ll need expert marketing to satisfy your investors requirements

Inbound marketing is a type of digital marketing that helps attract perfect customers right to you. It does so by providing prospects with the answers to their questions and concerns so that by the time they’re ready to purchase, they’ll do so from you and not a competitor.

Inbound provides an awesome ROI for the time and money put into it.

Ingenex Digital Marketing helps funded startups and other entrepreneurs use inbound’s strategies and tools to bring highly targeted prospects to their websites. Learn more about how we do this with a free consultation.

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