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Have you ever come across a website that is so beautifully designed you feel like you are engaging with a piece of art? A well-designed website delivers to you, the end-user, a perfectly constructed and easy-to-navigate interface that delights you at every step of the way. Here are seven trends in web design to ensure you are doing it right!

1) Realistic vs. Flat Design

Realistic design emulates the aesthetic of physical objects. It is the often used by apps because it is easier to understand for users than flat design. However, it relies heavily on images rather than style sheets, meaning it loads slower. Looking for a visual description? view the Flat vs. Realism interactive site.

Flat is a minimalist design that emphasizes usability. It is easy to load, but not in line with “real life”. Apple users may have noticed the OSx update moved from realistic to flat design for desktop users.

2) Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a technique used in web design where background images move slower than foreground images, giving them a 2D movement. Popular examples can be found here.

3) Pantone’s Color of the Year: MarsalaPantone color of the year marsala

Every year Pantone announces the color of the year. The color for 2015 was Marsala, a hearty and seductive shade that is complementary for both genders. It was featured in many modern websites because of it’s versatility in fashion and home decor.


4) Oversized Buttons

Buttons on web pages have become an element of design itself. Buttons are now styled to match the rest of the web page. “Download”, “View More”, and “Menu” are types of buttons that are now bigger to accommodate mobile users.

5) Oversized Images: Large Hero Area Design

Have you noticed the large, sweeping images on home pages of well designed web sites? This trend is called the Large Hero Area Design and it is often an image with little body text. This design works best for websites that are designed for conceptual consumption.

6) Typography

Choosing a font for your company’s website can be a difficult task. Typography now embodies your entire brand, so be sure you are projecting the right message. For more details on typography and how to work with your graphic designer, see our blog on The 10 Commandments of Typography.

7) Responsive Design

Responsive design is the most important trend to adhere to in building or re-designing your website. Having a responsive website means to create an accessible site for any user on desktop, tablet or mobile device. Google’s search engine now looks for responsive web pages and ranks them higher. Google’s algorithm is ever-changing, read our take on the recent update: How to Survive Mobilegeddon

We, at Ingenex, believe in these principles and trends to deliver to our clients the best website for their customer’s needs. Interested in redesigning your website with these trends in mind? Download our 5-Step Web Design Checklist.

This blog post was written by Ingenex Summer intern Bryce Beckwith.

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