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Top 5 Scariest Marketing Practices

It’s Halloween! Are you spooked yet?


We think you should be…if you’re thinking about performing one of the five scariest bad marketing practices we list below.

So scary are these strategies that we recommend you get your hands ready to reach up and hide your eyes during the most terrifying parts.

Ready? Here we go with some of the most terrible, horrible, no good, very bad marketing ideas.

Awesome Inbound Marketing Campaigns Offers

1.  Purchasing email lists. (This one really does give us the chills!)


Want to build an email list with thousands of addresses? Easy-peasy: buy them! But there are several things wrong with this “worst of the bad” marketing strategies:

  • A legitimate email automation service (Aweber, ConstantContact, MailChimp, etc.) requires that you receive explicit permission to send emails to the people on your list. They could refuse to do business with you if they find you’ve violated their TOS.
  •  A purchased list means you’re sending emails to people who may or may not want what you’re selling, who no longer use the email you send messages to, and so on. Can you say “big waste of money”?
  • You’re in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act. The law doesn’t prohibit you from buying a list, but it does say no to sending unsolicited emails in bulk. Which is what you’d be doing if you send emails to a purchased list.

2. Creating content just to create content.


That is, you should always create content for your website and blog posts with a plan and purpose in mind. In fact, it’s wise to plan out your posts. What are your business goals for the year? More revenue, more engagement? Do you want to set yourself up as an expert in your field? Do you want to build loyalty and trust?

Once you’ve set your goals, set a timeline/deadline and then you can plan out blog posts/content that will help you achieve them.

In fact, if you can find and articulate a purpose for your company’s brand, all the better.

Bonus result: you’ll find that you write your content much more easily and quickly when you follow a plan. It can help you move from marketing fails to marketing successes.

3. Marketing without a sales funnel. (Yep, it’s time to put your hands in front of your face, because this is one of the scariest of bad marketing ideas.)


You know what happens when water has no river in which to run? It floods everything. What happens when it flows into a funnel? It goes where the funnel wants it to.

The same goes for marketing. You can attract a whole bunch of prospects but unless you can move them into your sales funnel, there’s no guarantee they’ll move in the direction you want them to. Sure, their interest can “dry up” before they reach the end, but if you don’t help move them along in the right direction, there’s an excellent chance they’ll never buy from you.

4. Cold calling. (Hear that sound? That’s us, screaming.)


How long do you listen to a salesperson calling you from the blue? Five seconds. Ten? Immediately hang up? Yeah, us too.

We aren’t be surprised if it’s the last because we all HATE cold calls.

In fact, we all hate “being sold to.” We want to make our own decisions, thankyouverymuch. We don’t want to hear your sales pitch, we want information. We will make our own decision to buy – or not – from you on our own timetable, not yours.

Until then, give us information. Lots and lots of information. You have a better chance of selling to us then. A MUCH better chance.

5. Not staying up-to-date on marketing trends. (This one gives us nightmares!)


Yes, marketing strategies come and go seemingly like lightning. Effective techniques, that is: bad and even old marketing strategies seemingly never go away because making sure you keep up with what does work takes work!

But some of the worst marketing campaigns take place because marketers insist on using “what worked before.” They don’t want to learn or even try new techniques because “if it worked once, surely it will work again.” Maybe. But probably not.

Your target audience constantly evolves and you must keep up with their needs and desires. “Adapt or die.”

Don’t hide under the covers: to make sure your marketing fails become marketing wins, contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, and schedule a one-on-one chat regarding your inbound marketing needs.

If directly contacting Jeff is a bit too scary for you right now, we understand: you also may reach out via our contact us page.

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