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Top B2B Social Media Strategies

Who are your favorite people when it comes to social media? You also probably follow certain brands from which you regularly purchase products or services. They are, as you know, B2C companies.

But name us one or two B2B social channels you follow. Wait! What’s that sound? The sound of crickets?

Yet B2B social media marketing does work. The tactics and strategies for marketing your B2B offerings are a bit different on social media than B2C social marketing, but not as much as you might think.

Take a look below for some of the best B2B social media marketing strategies.

  • Social media is all about the personal and who is going to buy from you? A person within your prospect’s company. In other words, businesses are made up of people and “customers always prefer a personal approach” whether they are buying something for their business or for their personal use.
  • You shouldn’t rely solely on social media to market your business. Instead, look at it as augmentation of your other marketing efforts (cold calling, networking, etc.).
  • Yes, your industry may not be “sexy.” It may be downright boring. But there are people on social channels who are interested in what you’re selling. Your job – and you must accept it – is to find them.
  • Don’t be self-serving in the content you provide on social media. Instead, offer content that is of interest to your prospects. For example, let’s say you’re selling manufacturing equipment. Might your prospects be interested in hiring people to work on that equipment? You could offer hiring/recruiting tips. Might they be interested in sales/business building and/or entrepreneurship? Maybe they will need to secure financing to purchase your equipment. Content that talks about the ins and outs of securing business loans could prove very helpful.
  • Look at your social media channels as a way to promote all that great content you’re creating – the blog posts, ebooks, white papers, infographics, etc. Post about them on your social channels and provide a link for downloading.
  • You may want to focus on LinkedIn more than any other channel because LinkedIn is 227 percent (!!!!) more effective for B2B marketers than Facebook and Twitter. Some specific LinkedIn B2B social strategies:
  • Place an RSS feed to your company’s blog on your LinkedIn company page.
  • Place links to your company’s blog posts in your page’s status updates.
  • Promote your products and services on the tabs that LinkedIn provides right on your company’s page. (The HubSpot post linked to above even suggests that you create “different variations of the tabs” so that you can target them to your various client personas.) [Link to first September post?]

If you take away just one thing from this blog post, take away this: more than 90 percent of B2B buyers use social media “somewhere in their buying process.” You definitely need to market your B2B product/services on social media.

If by chance you’re a beginning B2B (or even B2C) marketer, HubSpot has put together a wealth of resources all in one place.

B2B marketing (including social media marketing) takes a lot of time to do well (we know that for a fact because – hello! – this blog post is itself part of our B2B marketing strategy and it’s going to take one to two hours for us to write it, proof it, make it pretty on our own blog – which has a wealth of B2B digital marketing tips; just saying – and  then posting it to our social channels.

So if you’d like to provide your B2B prospects with some terrific content on your social channels while keeping you’re the many important aspects of actually providing those prospects/clients with exceptional service and products, contact us about our B2B digital marketing services.

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