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Making Successful Social Media Video Marketing

It used to be – back in the social media marketing dark ages of 2-3 years ago – that you could just post a tweet, Instagram, Facebook update, etc. and get some good engagement.

Those days are GONE!

Now, the social platforms pretty much require you to pay for reach and engagement. So much so, that they really are becoming “pay to play” media channels.

So, what can you do? Social media video marketing, baby!

We’ve already told you about how well Instagram Stories can help you get eyeballs and engagement on you Instagram feed. Now, it’s time to talk about video marketing. Take a look below.

1. Don’t fret about creating “new” content; use what you already have.

Many people worry that they’ll need to come up with entirely new ideas for their videos. This is unnecessary: repurposing content is a great way to start video marketing.

What types of content recycling can you do?

  • Take a blog post and create a video slideshow around it.
  • Just held a webinar? Make sure to videotape it, too.
  • Make a video from a blog post.
  • Break down an infographic into a short video.
  • Ask those who have left testimonials for you if they would record their testimonial in a video.
  • Live stream an event.

2. Use video marketing on your social channels like a boss.

How can you use video content marketing on social? Tape a tour of your offices and employees. Create a video announcing a product or service launch. Create quick how-to tips. Hold an FAQ video session. Don’t forget about that repurposed content either.

The autoplay feature of many social platforms lends well to video content. This means your video will automatically begin to play when a user scrolls to it. Do keep in mind, though, that many users will watch without turning on audio. It will serve you well to include subtitles or use text with background music to communicate your message.

Another perk to video? It’s just all-around more engaging than a photo. On average, you have about 10 seconds to capture a user’s attention. This is easily done if your content is communicated concisely and accompanied by creative imagery.

3. Keep length in mind for the different social channels

Not every channel allows videos to be more than a minute long. In fact, HubSpot found what it declares is the best length for each of the Big Four social channels:

  • Twitter: 45 seconds
  • Instagram: 30 seconds
  • YouTube: 2 minutes
  • Facebook: 1 minute

Video marketing on your social channels can be a lot of fun. Do you have the time, as well as the tools, to create these videos, though? If not, Ingenex Digital Marketing can help.

We hope you will reach out to Jeff Hays, our director of client services and schedule a one-on-one chat regarding your social media marketing goals. Contact us any time.

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