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Social Media and Technology Vocab You Need To Know

The social media and technology language is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, OxfordDictionaries.com recently added words like “live-tweet,” “smartwatch” and “binge-watch” to their online dictionaries.

In an effort to keep up to date with the expanding tech-based lexicon, here are some important words and distinctions that will keep you “in-the-know” while you browse the Web.

News Feed (Facebook): The News Feed is Facebook’s “constantly updating list of stories in the middle of the Facebook homepage,” according to it’s support page.

Facebook’s recently updated algorithm is designed to aggregate and show you stories based on your likes and past Facebook activity. With that, there is also a push from the social media giant to make the site more newsworthy. Hence the “news” in News Feed.

Timeline (Facebook): Timeline is also a Facebook feature. The Facebook Timeline is the physical space on your personal or company profile page where it holds all pictures and messages.

subtweet: When a tweeter negatively talks about a person, group, company or organization without directly mentioning the name or username in the tweet.

A Twitter no-no. For more Twitter no-no’s, check out this article on proper retweet styles.

Timeline (Twitter): The Twitter Timeline refers to the “real-stream of Tweets.”

Notice,Timeline is a feature of both Facebook and Twitter. But, they are different. Think of it this way; Timeline is to Twitter as News Feed is to Facebook.

wearables: Wearables refer to a new smart technology (non smartphone and tablet devices) that allow people to compute via devices that are attached to either clothing or the body. Examples include but are not limited to smart watches, smart glasses (like Google Glass), smart jewelry and even smart tattoos.

Stream: Stream refers to the messages that are displayed on the Google+ home screen.

Circle: Circle is another Google+ feature. Google+ Circles allows users and Google to organize other users into smaller groups for sharing and privacy purposes.

avatar: A small image or picture that represents a person, company or organization social media.

trolling: When a person purposely starts arguments on the Web via forums, social media platforms and other Internet message systems.

Don’t be an Internet troll.

phablet: A combination of a phone and tablet. An example would be the newly introduced Iphone 6 Plus, which stands at 5.5 inches.

Phablet is also another name for “giant phone.”

animated gif: GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, is an image format that is widely accepted by the World Wide Web. An animated gif is still an image, but it gives the impression of video through multiple frames (reminiscent of a flip-book).

Animated gifs are very trendy on social media as it provides an even richer, more engaging way to share content. Recently, Twitter made an update to support animated gifs.  

As a rule, change in language reflects change in culture and society. I suspect this list will grow with the advent of new technology. Be sure to check back for additional social media and technology vocab you need to know!

Did I miss any words? Comment below!

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