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Grow your Brand: 6 Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

The goal for any company – small or large – should be to foster long-lasting and trustworthy relationships, not just to sell their goods or services.  One simple and cost-efficient way to do that is through social media!

Social media is continually evolving, and is being used for more than just posting about the cutest dog you have ever seen or the latest vacation spot you just visited.  Instead, businesses have been taking advantage of this common tool to illuminate their goals and yield positive customer results.

Below are a few key social media marketing strategies that small local businesses can use to optimize their success:

1.) Dare to Inspire

Here, Plymouth’s Bella Mia Boutique posts a #QOTD on their Insta page:

Posting an inspirational quote or motivational message helps get YOUR brand story out there. These quotes add character and culture to your brand image, and it only takes a click of a button.  Also, these posts are most likely to get shared and commented on, which not only helps the brand image, but builds trust among consumers.


2.) Quality over Quantity

Literati Book Store does a great job in creating quality content for their Instagram and Twitter pages.  These posts below do a fantastic job with positively reaching out to the community and letting customers know they are thankful.


It is not about how many social media channels you can use to get your message through.  Many businesses, make the mistake of choosing endless social media streams to display material and content without paying attention to their buyer persona.  What if your buyers do not use Pinterest or Twitter?  Should you still use those channels? No, of course not.  Not only would it be costly, but a serious waste of time.


3.) Keep it Fresh: Mix and Match Content

Facebook live and Instagram live videos have been trending!  See what all the buzz is about!

Do not be afraid to experiment with the latest Insta or Facebook trends when promoting your material.  Images are a fantastic way of portraying the sole purpose of a brand.  However, posting pictures is not enough.  It is best to take advantage of other creative outlets such as YouTube videos, gifs, blogs, tweets…the possibilities are endless!


4.) Support a Meaningful Cause

York Project is a local, up-and-coming business who plans to #sharethewarmth with the homeless men and women of Detroit!



It is true by promoting a cause, you in turn will promote your brand.  But that should never be the primary goal. Promote a cause to show consumers you care!  In this fast-paced, ever-changing world, we often forget to take a step back and ask, “what can I do for you?”

If one person can make a difference, what could a group of diverse individuals do?


5.) Encourage the Use of Hashtags


Aventura Ann Arbor engages in the hashtag trend #AnnArborEats as they showcase one of their delectable menu items.


Have you kept up to date with the latest #trends? Hashtags are easy to incorporate in any social media post.  They also can generate plenty of traffic and encourage more engagement (like, favorite, share, retweet).  This in turn will help drive conversation, harness your market, and increase brand awareness!


 6.) Educate and Update Consumers

Ann Arbor Hair Studio’s Theresia Carapia pins “5 Balayage HOW-TOS We Can’t Get Enough Of.”  This post links directly to a Webinar that aims to educate customers about root smudges, color melt, and balayage.


It should be any marketer’s utmost priority to educate and update their customers on the latest trends and tips of their goods or services.  Rather than posting long elaborate how-to pamphlets, post little tidbits through social media.  Not only will it make it more visually appealing, but easier for your customers to digest.

Did you get all that?

These are only six of the many strategies that marketers can use on social media; brands large and small, pay attention!  Social media is a major digital marketing tool, so use it – in fact, don’t just use it – take advantage of it.  The key is: optimize the use of social media to optimize your success!

Ingenex Digital Marketing is here to help! Our team will help you achieve your inbound marketing goals by providing jaw-dropping content marketing.  We specialize in inbound marketing, web design, paid media, and more. Is this overwhelming? Don’t worry, just drop us a line.  We want to help your business expand and prosper!




2 thoughts on “Grow your Brand: 6 Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

  1. Hello,
    Great post, You have explained so many new updates about various social media platform. Social media play an important role to get website’s traffic. Every social media platform like Face book, Instagram, each of the platform making chances to win a race and these platforms are a great way to boost referral traffic to your website. Besides the social media, I also found SEO, play a vital role in generating the targeted leads in lower cost. What is your opinion on this?

    1. Hi Jennie,

      We absolutely agree with your thoughts on SEO; we are certainly a pro-SEO agency. We attempt to integrate best practices in everything we create for our clients (blog posts, website content, paid ads, AdWords, etc.). Great point, and thanks for reading!

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