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Social Media Marketing Strategy: LinkedIn

Quick: when you think of starting a social media marketing strategy, what’s the first channel you think of? Probably Facebook, right? Followed by Instagram or Twitter?

What about LinkedIn?

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“Wait,” you say, “you’re right. LinkedIn is a social media channel. But it’s all about business and not about the social so much, right?”

Somewhat. LinkedIn is the serious sibling of the other social media channels. If you’re in the B2B market, it’s the absolute perfect channel to showcase your company’s expertise. Plus, you can gain the trust of your prospects. Even if you sell B2C, LinkedIn is where you can showcase the people behind your company’s walls as you prove your expertise.

Take a look below for a very brief guide to LinkedIn social media marketing for your business.

1. We’re assuming you’ve already created a LinkedIn company page. 

If not, LinkedIn has a great, step-by-step tutorial.

If you have a company page, make sure you place some of the keywords you know your prospects use within your company description and specialties.

You also should link to your LinkedIn company page often: it helps you rise in search rankings. Make sure all employees have the link on their email signature, link to it on your website, etc.

2. Post thought-leadership content, mostly your own.

While you certain can share links written by others to your followers, it’s critical that you share your company’s own blog posts, news, advice, etc. You want to show off your expertise, not someone else’s.

Updates that share “how to” information and industry trends do especially well. You could write a “how to” post on your blog and share it as a LinkedIn company page update.

You should post to your page at least once a day: LinkedIn has found that those companies that post to their page at least 20 times a month (which comes to once a day, Monday-Friday for four weeks) reach 60 percent of their audience.

3. Check your analytics regularly.

As with any social media marketing strategy, engagement is your most important analytic. Go to your company page’s analytics, click on Updates and scroll down to see data on how each of your posts has performed. Check the engagement rate and note the ones that have higher engagement. You can then start writing/broadcasting more blog posts on those topics.

That tip actually is a little known, but one of the coolest of LinkedIn marketing tips because it also helps in your search rankings: the more engagement your company page updates receive, the more your content is indexed by Google and the higher your company page ranks.

4. Ask your employees to like, comment on, and share your company page’s updates from their personal LinkedIn profiles.

Again, the more engagement (likes, shares, comments) your company page posts have, the higher your rankings. (No, it’s not “cheating” to have employees engage with your company page.)

5. For even more engagement, use videos and images.

LinkedIn itself deems this one of the best LinkedIn practices. A link to a video can result in as much as a 75 percent higher share rate, while images can lead to a 98 percent comment rate.

Try to use an image or video that you place in your update, not a link to a blog post with an image. Why?  LinkedIn doesn’t want its users to leave LinkedIn. A link to a blog post means they will leave the social channel, so the channel’s algorithm will “punish” a post with an outbound link and not show it to as many of your channel’s followers.

As for linking to a video on YouTube, aim to steer clear of it so that you don’t receive the outbound link “penalty.”. Instead, upload the video directly to LinkedIn or create it there. This is known as “native video.”

6. Use hashtags in your updates to attract the attention of people interested in a certain topic.

While hashtags aren’t as useful as they are on Twitter and Instagram, for example, they are “searchable” on LinkedIn. Click on a hashtag and it will take you a page of updates using that hashtag, so it’s still wise to use them. Make sure they are relevant to your topic and company/industry and services.

7. Consider LinkedIn Ads.

Advertising via the LinkedIn Ads Manager is especially effective for B2B companies because it allows you to target your ads with precision. As an example, you can target an ad based on job title, job function, seniority, company name, industry, size, location, group, skill, degree, and  more.

Social media marketing best practices change All. The. Time. But you can still monitor your channels in just 10 minutes a day if you use the strategies found in our free report: How to Monitor Social Media in 10 minutes a Day.

If you’d like more LinkedIn marketing tips, or social media marketing advice in general, seek out agency help. Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, for a personal, one-on-one conversation.

You also may contact us any time.

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