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Social Listening: Like What You Hear?

Social listening may sound like another name for eavesdropping at a party, but it’s a little more technical than that.

It goes by many names: social media monitoring, buzz analysis, brand monitoring, social media measurement, social media intelligence, etc. While all those terms don’t mean quite the same thing, they’re used interchangeably. We’re just going to refer to the concept as social listening from now on, though.

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What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the process of tracking of specific words or phrases across a brand’s social media channels and the web. This is then followed by analysis. Those words or phrases could include customer feedback and direct mentions or certain keywords, competitors, industries, or topics.

Unlike social media monitoring, social listening includes analysis and actionable response. By identifying the roots of social interactions, you can put long-term strategies in place to create more engaging content. Consider social listening to be the practice of you listening to your consumers and learning what they like in order to deliver more of it.

Why You Need Social Listening

If you have social media monitoring in place, is it necessary to employ social listening as well? Of course! Social listening allows you to shy away from assumptions of what your consumers like, and move instead towards what they’re explicitly saying they do.

See these reasons why social listening is pertinent to your social media marketing strategy:

  • Tracking Brand Growth. This is a great way to see how different events or campaigns affect your vanity metrics.
  • Reputation Management and PR. Social media listening allows your to monitor your mentions and intervene early in case there’s a crisis regarding your reputation.
  • Competitor Analysis. Of course, you can track everything that is said regarding your brand, but don’t forget about the brands of your competitors.
  • Hear Candid Customer Feedback. You’ll never hear more honest reviews of your product or service than when a customer doesn’t think you’re listening. Little do they know, you definitely are.
  • A New Customer Service Method. In response to the previous perk, those honest reviews may actually be cries for help. Responding to their complaints can give you major brownie points and catch those who aren’t using customer service forms on your website.  
  • Increase Customer Acquisition. Social media listening allows you to hear what your customers or prospective customers want. Use that information to inform the content you create. This will draw those consumers to your brand.
  • Customers Enjoy Interaction with Brands. According to Sprout Social, 64% of those surveyed liked when brands joined in conversations and 48% made a purchase with a brand that was responsive on social media. 
  • Finding Influencers. This is an easy, effective way to locate influencers and micro influencers in your audience. Discover which of your followers are the most influential among their peers, then strike a deal with them. 
  • Research! If nothing else, this method is a valuable research tool to learn more about your audience and how to best serve them.

Making a Social Listening Strategy

If you liked what you’ve heard so far, let’s talk about using social listening in your social media marketing strategy. 

Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, to schedule a chat about how what social listening can do specifically for your brand. We’ve perfected our social media marketing strategies over the course of a decade, and we’re ready to do the same for you. 

Feel free to contact us any time.

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