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Smarketing: The Future of Sales and Marketing Alignment

“Can’t we all just get along?”


We’ve all been there.  Spinning our wheels because marketing and sales ‘work together’ – separately. This almost always means fewer results for both!

We also know it makes no sense. After all, without marketing, there are no prospects. And without sales, no prospects become clients.

We even have a special word for how well a company’s marketing and sales departments work together: smarketing.

In a smarketing world, the sales and marketing teams:

  1. Understand each other’s’ goals.

In many ways your goals are the same: you both want to help the company grow, and you both want more customers and more profits. You just look at how to arrive there in different ways. So a great way to start is to understand that you’re both headed in the same direction. Find a common path to your end goal!

  1. Communicate often: have regular meetings.

Once a week isn’t too often.  If having all members of both teams meet once a week is too onerous, at least have directors and VPs of each department huddle to review data and trends, ask and answer questions, and come up with solutions to common challenges.

  1. Develop buyer personas.

How can you both be following the same path if you don’t have a map? Personas are written descriptions of your company’s ‘perfect prospect.’ Give your personas a name, a photo (stock photos are fine), goals and challenges. The idea is to make them as “fleshed out as possible” so that you know your prospects’ wants and needs – and the challenges they may be facing.

  1. Educate each other on your differences.

In general, sales people tend to be relationship-focused, while marketers love data and projects. Because each sees the world in a different way, it’s really no wonder they don’t ‘get’ each other. But if each side can explain to the other the “why” of doing certain things, understanding and trust can grow.

  1. Inspire one another.

What can marketing do that sales can’t? Provide materials to sales that they can give their prospects; these will help answer questions and concerns, encouraging prospects to continue moving along their buyer’s journey.

Sales, meanwhile, provides the answers marketing needs in order to create those materials for prospects: how a service or product works, its design features, benefits, cost, pain points and so on.

Smarketing means that your sales and marketing departments understand 1) that they can’t exist without the other, and 2) they are better because of each other.

Inbound marketing puts the sales and marketing teams’ favorite things (data and relationship-building) together in ways that lead prospects into becoming clients.

Ingenex Digital is a HubSpot Smarketing agency fully schooled in the fine art of inbound marketing, melding digital marketing and analytics in ways that help your sales and marketing departments get to where they both want to go: leads becoming customers! Contact us today for more information on our services.


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