Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing takes ordinary strangers and educates them on your product or service until they have enough information to make a purchase. It’s attraction rather than promotion and it works very well.

Ingenex has been practicing inbound marketing for 10 plus years, and has become a Hubspot Inbound Marketing Gold Agency Partner over the last three years.


We have a dedicated and smart team focused on achieving breakthrough results for our clients. Ingenex has created custom inbound marketing programs for all our audience verticals including;

 Franchise Development                                    Higher Education Marketing

 Association Marketing                                      Start-Up Marketing

If you’re looking to illuminate your digital marketing and CRM to gain more qualified traffic and sales leads, then give us a call. Ingenex is an Inbound Marketing Agency located in Ann Arbor, Michigan that is ready to light up your sales and marketing for the future.

Want to learn more? Download our Guide to Inbound Marketing and learn all the finer details of how we can help enhance your digital marketing efforts.


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