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Content Marketing

Repurposing Content Marketing

Creating lots of terrific, perfect-prospect-pleasing content for your content marketing efforts comes at a cost, both financially and time-wise. It turns out, however, that you’re already sitting on a goldmine of outstanding content. It’s just buried in your content archive.

That’s right: you already have a true treasure trove of (practically) free content ready, willing and able to inform and delight your target market and prospects. You only have to hit publish.

Using blog posts, infographics, video, ebooks and so on, that were already published once is called repurposing content. While it’s incredibly cost-effective (and marketing-effective), there is some tweaking and editing involved.

Does Content Recycling Work?

In short, yes.

We wouldn’t tell you that, however, without proof :

  • How about doubling monthly leads generated?
  • Or increasing the number of monthly organic search views of re-optimized old blog posts by 100 percent?

Refreshing content isn’t all about saving money. It’s also – and more importantly – about “’getting the content you already have in the hands of more people.’”

You also can reach new people, of course, as well as reinforcing your message/brand.

Repurposing Content

Here are some ideas to help you successfully repurpose your content archive:


  • Take a blog post and create a video slideshow from its information.
  • Held a webinar or two recently? Take different part of them and turn them into short video clips.
  • Got infographics? Turn them into explainer videos.
  • Ask top customers if they’d be willing to videotape their (written) testimonials.
  • Revamp a video how-to into a blog post how-to.


  • Take blog posts providing information on a theme or aspect of your product/service and create a free report that your website visitors can download (in exchange for their email address).
  • Transcribe videos and create blog posts from the transcription. (You probably will need to edit/rewrite the resulting transcripts.)
  • Take old blog posts and publish them on Medium (with a link back to your site, of course).
  • Read your old blog posts and record/publish them as podcasts/audio blog posts.
  • Take a blog post and turn it into a fun listicle.

If you don’t have a robust content archive and/or you’re just starting out in your content creation, we can help.

Drop a line to Jeff Hays, director of client services, so that you can schedule a one-on-one conversation regarding your content marketing goals and how we can help you exceed them.We look forward to hearing from you.

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