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Relaunching Your Brand Personality

When someone talks about re-branding a company, the first thing you think about is probably the logo, then the website, and then what? A lot more goes into a brand relaunch than just the visuals. There are a whole host of other things to consider when you’re having the branding conversation.

Who do you want your company to be and what niche do you want to fill? A rebranding phase is the time to have that conversation. Your brand personality is something that can change, but you need to be strategic about how much you change it and how it will affect your existing customer base. Is making the change going to gain you more valuable leads in the long run?

Consider your industry and competitors when evaluating your personality. Drifting too far from the pack can be risky, but if you make your personality just unique enough you could hit the jackpot. You want to be memorable yet informative.

What is your brand voice? Brand voice is used in your blog, social, and advertising content so this is a necessary component of your brand’s personality. In an earlier post, we gave an in depth view of how to develop and maintain brand voice. Take advantage of this re-branding and position your brand voice exactly where you want it to be.

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