When to Rebrand

We’ve written a good deal about how important it is to rebrand your business every now and then to help it grow. We’ve also discussed how critical it is to take a moment to look at your brand strategy and decide it if it’s appropriate to make some changes: “Who are we anyway?”

We haven’t, however, discussed when you should rebrand. That is, what signposts should you look for that imply it’s time for you to rethink your brand and your brand strategy.

Take a look below for three indicators that it may be time to consider a new brand strategy.

1. You’ve changed your business model/strategy.

Ask customers what they believe about your brand. Do they answer that you’re the region’s top kitchen remodeler, but neglect that you also provide home construction? Perhaps your brand is too focused on kitchen redos? If that’s the case, and if you prefer complete construction projects, it’s time for a new brand strategy.

2. Your customers don’t know what you do.

Your branding, in other words, is all over the place. You’re the kitchen remodeler that is as inexpensive as the services at the big box home improvement stores, yet you’re also the builder that has the skills and knowledge honed from three generations of fine, hand-hewn construction. In other words, you’re several things to several people, and prospects are…. confused. When they’re confused, they don’t contact you. Perhaps, you’re attracting the folks who are expecting a heck of a lot for nothing and missing those who are willing to pay for high-end construction but ignore you for your lack of accurate branding.

3. You want to raise prices and/or find a new target market.

Similar to number 2, above, your branding is attracting people to you at a certain price-point but you’re already charging – or want to charge – at a different level. Similarly, your business could be located in an aging housing marketplace filled with homeowners who aren’t interested in making major changes. You need to attract people with more money who may need to drive in a bit from newer to talk to you.

What do these three indicators have in common? It’s a time of moderate to big change for you. You’re noticing that the same-old, same-old Just. Isn’t. Working. Anymore.

Bottom line? It’s time for a rebrand.

Let Ingenex Digital Marketing help you with your brand recognition. You may need a full brand reboot, or it may need just a bit of tweaking. Regardless, we can help you discover why your customers may be confused regarding your offerings and help you create a brand strategy that attracts prospects who are looking for exactly what you offer.

Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, and arrange for a one-on-one chat regarding your challenges and goals. You also – of course! – may reach out to us at any time with your questions.

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