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Positive Marketing Power

Two sales testimonials that brag about the exact same results:

  • “I got rid of this ugly fat and I can stand to look at myself again!”
  • “I’m 15 pounds lighter, I love how I look, and I receive so many compliments!”

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Which one would entice you to pick up the phone and order the diet plan? You don’t have to tell us, because we both know the answer: the one with the positive marketing message.

Yet, it’s not for the reason you may think: the power of positive marketing lies in the fact that it helps your target market build an emotional connection with you. Creating a connection – a relationship – is what is going to have your prospects purchase from you, rather than your competitors.

As the first link above mentions, the power of positive branding lies in giving your audience a good amount of “the feels.” That is, you create a connection via their emotions. Doing so helps prospects bond with you, and when people are bonded to one another, loyalty blooms. This results in the growth of you number of prospects, customers, and even referrals.

Not that negative marketing never has a positive effect. It definitely can: neuroscience research has shown that humans do tend to be more swayed by negativity. We notice it more.

Negative marketing, however, doesn’t do as well when it comes to creating a feeling of connection (unless it’s an “it’s us against them” type of campaign). Your digital marketing should answer prospects’ problems and questions, but it should showcase more how it benefits them. You want a brand story that isn’t so much about taking pain away, but more about how it brings ease and joy.

Positive Marketing for B2B

The power of positive advertising is great for B2C of course, but it also works for B2B. One business may be selling products/services to another, but who works in those businesses? People! They have a hankering to connect with other people – even if those people are trying to sell them something! Positive marketing helps them connect with you, helping them become open to your message and your products/services.

Another plus about positive marketing is you’re providing prospects with information (content) that they want. The kind that answers their questions. It’s not sales-y; it’s valuable.  

Here at Ingenex Digital Marketing, we’re all about the positive. We help our clients show their prospects why and how their products will improve lives or businesses, not how they will make lives/businesses “be less bad.”  We help you show your target audience how your offerings will make them better than they already are!

Ready to set your brand story on the positive track? Then contact Jeff Hayes, our director of client services, to schedule a one-on-one chat. Or you could simply contact us to learn more. (Don’t be afraid to ask us to sing along to What a Wonderful World.)

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