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Persona Specific Offers: Valuable or No?

When it comes to your marketing strategy, is it wise to create persona specific offers? Yes!

As a reminder, personas are “fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers.” You create and use them in order to dig deep into your target market’s needs, wants, and goals by understanding who your prospects are. Building business personas allows you to create the type of content and information they seek when searching online.

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Creating individual offers based on each of your personas allows you to hyper customize offers based on each of your personas’ needs and goals, and do so for each stage of your funnel.

Let’s take a look at how this could pan out in different areas of real life.

Persona Specific Offers and Marketing to a Sales Team

In B2B, you’re often selling to a team of buyers, each of whom probably falls under a different persona. They all have a part in whether or not the company will buy from you, so you’ll need to market to their different personas.

In short, you’ll want to create content and persona specific offers that speak to each persona’s different preferences, priorities, and goals.

For example, a vice president will want to feel secure in your expertise. A marketing strategy focused on showcasing your knowledge is critical here. A whitepaper design and content could be a great part of customized marketing for this persona.

As for members of  the decision team who aren’t executives? A good marketing strategy for these folks would be blog posts showcasing answers to their specific concerns and video testimonials from your previous and current clients praising your work for them.

An Offer for C-Suite Personas

Timing is everything, and building an offer entails looking at where a specific persona is in their buyer’s journey.

For example, offering a whitepaper to VP prospects should come when they’re further down your funnel. Web copy and blogs that describe how to solve specific pain points for this persona would work well when they’re higher up your funnel. This means they’re just beginning their buyer’s journey with you.

A customized marketing strategy for new-yet-high-level personas could entail many things. Maybe it’s case study blog posts. Maybe it’s an email offer of a free online demonstration of how your product alleviates a specific pain point. This could be how your product can save the company thousands of dollars by alleviating certain costs.

Building Your Persona Specific Offers

If you’d like more information on how to build an offer for different personas as well as based on where they are in your marketing funnel, reach out to Jeff Hays, Ingenex Digital Marketing’s director of client services, and schedule a one-on-one discussion about your marketing strategy.

Or, if you prefer, contact us directly.

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