An Opportunity in Marketing—Wearable Tech

After reading an article on the future of wearable technology by Bill Wasik, I started thinking about what wearable tech can mean for marketing.

I know almost every tech magazine and site out there says that digital marketing is changing; I hate to dwell on the subject, but it truly is. Mobile created a whole new landscape for digital strategies (not to mention a whole new set of challenges), but wearable computation has the ability to turn advertising and marketing industry on its head. Wearable tech opens the ability to reach the customer you want at exactly the right moment for purchase.

Think of Accessibility

Google engineers have concluded that a blink of an eye is even too long to wait for technology these days. While we love our mobile phones, they require us to fumble, dig, find, press, then swipe (and sometime enter a code) to get them up and working. One study on smartphone users suggests that on average we unlock our gadgets more than 100 times a day. That’s a lot of time spent looking, swiping, and opening a gadget. Queue accessible, wearable tech.

Wearables crush smartphones in accessibility. Do you ever notice how your smartphone screen makes simple things like walking, reading, eating, or even just having a conversation with a person difficult? That’s because the screen that pulls us away from whatever we are doing. Wasik notes, “Wearables, by contrast, are a gateway to augmented reality…and keeps our attention grounded in that world.”

Consider the Opportunities

Wearables gel screen with world, replacing the need to glance away. They create an enhanced reality rather than a secondary landscape. This augmented reality presents a whole new challenge to marketers and advertisers. Tweet This

Imagine as you shop, coupons for products you’re viewing become visible. Imagine the corner of your screen becomes an ever-changing billboard for whatever is nearby.

Search engines like Google, have been investing like crazy in technologies that anticipate what you will search before you actually search. The idea is to use semantic principles of context and geo-location to figure out what you want to know and then provide you the information as you need it. Imagine being able to see endless information about a building or restaurant, simply by walking past it.

Augmented reality and geo-location will create an opportunity for marketers to reach consumers at exactly the time when a purchase is possible—with no distractions. This proposes huge opportunity for marketing; if your content provides the right answers in real time, it creates a more personal relationship between your brand and the person looking for information, who may be a potential customer. A connection like this is exactly what creates long-term customer relationships.

Imagine the Future

If wearable tech becomes widespread, marketing to consumers has the opportunity to be more personalized than ever before. The gelled and augmented reality along with geo-location presents an exciting and unique opportunity to digital marketers to not just think like the consumer, but as the consumer. Until then, we can only imagine the opportunities.

What are your thoughts on wearable technology? Do you think it presents an opportunity for digital marketing? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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