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Nostalgia Marketing and Millennials

Have you noticed an old-school pitchman making his way back to the airwaves lately? We’re talking a lookalike Colonel Sanders of KFC fame, who returned to hustling his finger lickin’ good chicken in 2015*.

Why bring the Colonel back?

Nostalgia marketing. Yes, in the digital marketing world, memory marketing is a real ~thing~ intended to capture the attention of millennials.

Boomers still outnumber millennials in the U.S., but only by a hair. As the Rock and Roll generation ages and dies off, millennials will become the largest generation. Possibly as soon as this year! Boomers numbered 74 million in 2016 (the latest figures available) and millennials came in second at 71 million. The times, however, are a changin’. Later this year, millennials will outnumber boomers.

Smart marketers want those many millennial eyeballs — and their business!

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What is Nostalgia Marketing?

Also called millennial marketing, nostalgia-based marketing campaigns are popping up all over, working to take advantage of millennials’ comforting memories of the past. The oldest millennials are in their mid-30s now and starting to marry and settle down (“becoming your parents,” as Geico says). They are reaching the age when people tend to become nostalgic for simpler times, as an escape from the many obligations of adulthood.

Nostalgia-based marketing campaigns are doing quite well. Linking a brand’s message to “positive references” from the last two decades (even as far back as the 1970s) has proven to be a great tactic. This way, in this age of “impersonal digital media,” digital marketers can “humanize” their brands and create “meaningful connections” with millennial prospects.

Some of the more popular millennial campaigns have included Pokémon GO and the Hogwarts Mystery app. These campaigns focused on allowing millennials to relive the books and games of their childhood. Many millennial women, as tweens, used Lisa Frank-design school supplies; now, they can use her makeup brushes. Similarly, grown up Sailor Moon devotees can now save the world while looking great in a makeup line bearing their manga heroine’s name. And so on.

Using Nostalgia Marketing to Your Advantage

If you’re marketing to millennials, it may be time to start incorporating some nostalgia-based marketing campaigns in your digital mix. Doing so could, for example, help boost flat traffic to your website, social media marketing channels, and more.

Let us help you. We, at Ingenex Digital Marketing, help Michigan businesses find and court their perfect prospects, helping those prospects become happy and long-term customers. We can do the same for you. If your prospects are millennials, we can help incorporate nostalgia marketing in your campaigns to attract, catch and retain them.

Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, for a one-on-one discussion of your goals. You also, of course, may contact us at any time with any questions.

*The real Colonel died in 1980; the actors portraying “him” today are considered to be portraying the brand’s “mascot” and among those donning the white suit have been Norm MacDonald, Jason Alexander, George Hamilton, and Reba McEntire.

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