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Student Recruitment: Three Mobile-Friendly Strategies

On May 5, 2015, 🍎.edu 📏 experienced its “mobile moment.”

For the first time, the number of mobile education searches surpassed the number of desktop searches. At that moment, the student recruitment industry knew there were major changes to be made – if more students are looking for schools on their mobile phones and tablets, how would/should that affect student recruitment strategy?

If you haven’t made strides to become mobile-friendly, your school, brand, or business is missing out. 

Mobile-ready sites are already prioritized by Google and other search engines, mobile conversion rates are much higher, and the cost-per-conversion on a mobile device is lower. That’s why we’ve put together a primer on mobile-friendly student recruitment for you. Here are three great ways to engage mobile technology & drive your student recruitment efforts into the future:

1. Get your web content and email strategy up-to-snuff.


Your website and email strategy are still the primary contact points for prospective students, traditional or otherwise, and for parents of college-bound kids. 75% of students claim higher ed websites are influential in their decisions, and more than 2/3 view higher ed websites on mobile devices. So your content needs to be technically optimized for mobile, as well as:

  • Simple, easy-to-read
  • Integrated with phone functionality
  • Optimized for use with thumbs

2. Coordinate your social media efforts; involve current students.


Get your whole team on board when you discuss the ways your school uses social media marketing. The most important part of that is establishing a clear voice, perspective, and mission. Once a voice is established, the content will be more consistent even if there are multiple authors.  

Another way that schools are using social media is with the help of their own current students – as guests on the school’s social media page or as consistent contributors to the site. Their voices have the ability to reach prospects in a way that is relatable and engaging; current students can describe life at your school authentically, thereby building trust.

3. Develop mobile applications for prospective students.


Another method you could use to engage with your audience is through the use of mobile applications. Because apps will be downloaded on a mobile device, there is a good chance that they will serve as a good reminder, in the way that a remarketing ad might. Applications also have the capability for push notifications, which have proven to be better and more timely than email for things like application deadlines and orientation schedules. Geo-location capabilities and simplicity of use could have a great impact on student recruitment success. Consider this fact: Although only 20% had downloaded school apps, 71% indicated they would like to complete enrollment via an app.

Still wondering how mobile-friendly marketing can help you?

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