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Franchise Development Marketing

Micro-Sites and Franchising

Let’s say you’re looking for a day spa near you. You’ve heard of these two great nationwide franchises, each with a location that just opened near you. You know their names, you Google them, and head to their websites.

Then, at one of the home pages you see a link to the spa near you. You click on it and up pops a page or two  — a micro-site, if you will – with pictures of the local spa. The site includes a photo and a bit of a bio on the franchisee/owner. Along with that, you also see shots of the staff and the interior of the store. And wait! What’s this!? Customer testimonials!

The other spa’s homepage? Just a page touting the services, history, etc. No micro-site of the location near you. No testimonials. Just a general contact page.

Which spa do you think you’ll visit?

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What is a micro-site? And why, as a franchisor should you offer your franchisees one?

As briefly described above, a micro-site is a unique, small website with information localized for every franchise location. Micro-sites can be filled with information about the franchisee, his/her team members, location photos, photos of  the franchisee in action (cleaning carpets, for example, for a carpet cleaning franchise), and so on.

Potential customers can read reviews for that location. Next, they can learn more about who will be providing the services…for that location. To finish it off they can read pricing information for that location too.

In a nutshell, when it comes to franchise marketing, a micro-site improves your franchisee’s presence in their local community via a form of geotargeting, thus increasing marketing reach and helping to build one-on-one trust. A small site such as this helps with local SEO by providing customized content and local keywords.

What’s more, the content on the micro-site can be uber-specific to the local market, offering content marketing muscle by providing locals with information specific to their needs, goals and challenges.

In addition, offering a microsite as part of your franchise fee can be a huge benefit – and selling point – to a potential franchisee.

Content, Content, Content!

Don’t go “easy” on the content of a microsite. Make sure to include local pictures, maybe a video of your franchisee welcoming customers to his or her location, possibly hyper-local special offers (for a location-specific festival or holiday,  for example).

For help with content ideas for your franchise website/micro-site, you could lean on a few of HubSpot’s content marketing tools that lend themselves easily to franchise development marketing.

Allow Us to Help You with Your Micro-sites.

Ingenex has been a partner with franchisors in franchise development marketing for 12 years. Take a look at our Franchise Development Marketing Success System for our thoughts and strategies in regards to franchise marketing and all that should be involved.

Better yet, allow us to be your go-to franchise marketing manager. Reach out to us or schedule a one-on-one chat with Jeff Hays, our director of client services, to learn more about how we can help you market your franchise opportunity to potential franchisees.

We look forward to helping you watch your franchise grow!


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