Meet your Ingenex-er

Meet Your Ingenex-er: Volume 1, Episode 1

Other than a group of massively talented and highly motivated digital marketers, who are these people who refer to themselves as Ingenex-er’s? Well, allow me to introduce you to our Ingenex team by playing…..


Let’s begin.


Who are you?

“My name is Zach Gilbert, I am the Account Manager at Ingenex Digital Marketing.”

What role do you play at Ingenex?

“Essentially, I am the middle-man between the client and the Ingenex team. I try to make everyone ‘neutrally’ happy/satisfied. I also manage projects for the team, and lend a hand when needed in social media management, blog writing, graphic design, and any other tasks when needed.”

Have you always been an Account Manager?

“Most of my college/post-college career has been Account Management/Digital Marketing. However, before college I had taken a variety of careers (mostly due to boredom) which included: Fire Fighter, Medical First Responder, Radio Tower Climber, Custodian, Computer Technician, Small Business Owner, Factory Worker, Semi-Professional Video/PC Game Reviewer, and a few dozen others.”

Cool story Bro. Now let’s get to the NITTY-GRITTY.


How much wood could a Wood Chuck chuck if a Wood Chuck could chuck wood?


Pop or Soda?

“Depends. I usually say pop; however, I say soda when I’m referring to classical/foreign drinks. So, Italian Soda or Soda Bars, etc.”

Such a classy answer from a classy man. Let’s test you with this one.


If you were on a sinking boat with the whole Ingenex Team, which Ingenex-er would you kick off?

“Since I’m a “Team-Player” I would say none of them; I’ll jump. Nah… I’m just messing, they’d all be kicked off, and I’d float away to safety.”

That was dark, Zach. Real dark.


Secret talent?

“I am freakishly good at converting people into nerds.”

What word best describes you?


Yep, I can confirm THAT one to be very true.


And that Folks was our first installment of….


Meet your Ingenex-er!!



Join us next time as we pose more of life’s most important questions to another one of our (unsuspecting) Ingenex-ers!

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