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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation to the Rescue

Marketing “administrative” work eats up your day. Sending welcome emails to new leads. Replying to prospects’ questions. Planning an outline of a marketing proposal. Thinking of blog post topics and researching potential keywords. It never ends.

While it may be difficult to parse out how much time marketing professionals spend on such repetitive admin tasks, it’s more than likely close to what an average office worker typically spends: fully 1/3 of a work day. Your sales teams could be wasting up to 10 hours a week on data-entry, for example.

Improving Productivity with Automation

What if you started using some marketing automation tools each day? How would your productivity improve? Could you perform much more strategic thinking? How many more proposals could you create? How many more blog posts could you write if you could quickly think of topics your personas would want to read? What if you could quickly and easily discover the keywords they use when they search online for information on the topics in which they’re interested?

A short definition of marketing workflow automation:

It’s technology that uses rule-based logic to automate manual work.

More specifically, marketing automation tools help you send emails, post updates on your social media channels, enter the aforementioned data, set up automated workflows that send email offers to certain prospects depending on where they are in your marketing funnel, and more.

Automate More than Just Menial Tasks

Now, we understand that you might be thinking that this is GREAT, but these are clerical-type tasks. They’re relatively easy, even mind-numbing tasks. Creating sales proposals, however, takes thought, requires finesse. Takes time. Marketing automation may be great for posting an already-created blurb to social channels, but creating proposals? Ha!

Go ahead: laugh. We did. We understand your skepticism. Proposal automation, however, does exist. Here are 11 – ELEVEN – automated proposal platforms that pretty much are the definition of awesome.

Creating activity and results reports for your clients takes you how long? Four hours per report? More? Multiply that by, for example, 15 clients and we’re talking 60 hours of staff time. Multiply hours worked by their salaries/hourly wage and pretty soon you’re spending some big bucks there.

What if you were to incorporate a client report writing tool that helped spit out accurate, attractive reports in an hour or so? How would that improve your bottom line (let alone your employees’ stress levels)?

Many marketing automation platforms exist; the hard part can be choosing which one is best for your particular needs.

Seeking Marketing Automation Help

That’s where Ingenex Digital Marketing comes in.  We use many workflow automation tools ourselves to provide digital/inbound marketing services for our clients. We’d love to use those tools to help you attract, close, and retain highly targeted prospects too.

Contact Jeff Hayes, our director of client services, and schedule a one-on-one chat with him regarding your sales/marketing goals and challenges. You also – of course! – may contact us at any time.

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