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What Makes the Perfect Agency Client?

If you’re looking for a Detroit-area inbound marketing agency, you no doubt are searching carefully for one that’s just about a perfect fit for your goals, your brand, and your marketing budget.

You want an inbound agency that not only knows its “stuff,” you want one that brings value added results. You want an agency that pays attention to your smallest need, one that really, really “gets” you. An agency that, to slightly misquote a phrase from the wonderful Jerry Maguire, completes you.”

Yet working with an agency is a two-way street. Great things almost always happen when an agency and its client really click. Great things can happen when they don’t, but it’s much harder and not nearly as much fun for everyone involved.

So as you look for the perfect agency for your needs and budget, so does an agency look for the perfect client.

Who is our inbound marketing agency’s perfect client?

Our perfect client is one whose team members want to collaborate with us. We look at our prospects not so much as clients, but as partners as we work together on their marketing.

Yet even as we work with our clients on their marketing strategy, we ultimately want them to leave us with the heavy lifting when it comes to producing content, publishing and promoting it on their behalf.

We work extremely hard to understand our clients’ needs and we never take it at all lightly that they chose us to perform their digital marketing strategy. We look for customers who will give us input, but who ultimately will defer to our expertise and guidance. After all, while they are the experts of their brand, we are the digital marketing experts they’ve hired to broadcast the benefits of that brand to the marketplace.

We also look for clients who understand that we’re an extension of their team, but not a part of it. We focus entirely on their marketing needs, using the best inbound marketing tools available today. Yet we have a variety of clients whose time needs to be strategically scheduled out. For the consideration of all our clients, we cannot implement changes directly on client demand.

Finally, our perfect clients are those who understand that an inbound agency today is far different from the SEO agency they may have hired even just three years ago. Inbound marketing is far more effective than yesterday’s digital marketing strategies and yet we understand that clients may be leery of trying something new when the old worked so well just a short while ago. That’s why we’re looking for clients who are willing to get out of their comfort zone and move away from the digital marketing strategies they used in the past.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming another perfect Ingenex Digital Marketing client, we want to hear from you! Or, if you’re still in search mode, download our Inbound Marketing Toolkit and learn about our inbound strategies.

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