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What Makes Inbound Marketing Different—And Effective

There are countless marketing strategies available today, all promising to generate more leads and produce more sales. A majority of them rely on a push methodology—where pushing outbound offers and content are the name of the game. Unfortunately, that’s where some marketing strategies go wrong.

We believe the most effective way to generate leads, and drive sales, is to foster a long-term relationship with the customer.

Introducing inbound marketing. What makes inbound marketing different than other strategies? For one, it’s not the annoying, cold-calling, disruptive traditional marketing scheme that so many people are used to (and loathe). Rather than pushing sales, inbound pulls in the prospect in by offering valuable content in exchange for a relationship.

It’s not a hard sale.

It may seem odd that a marketing strategy incorporates the phrase “eventually buying.” But, where other marketing strategies ask for sales immediately after making contact, inbound marketing relies on a growing relationship between the business and it’s customer.

By producing fresh, relevant content designed with customers in mind, inbound marketing seeks to be a resource for customers. We do this in order to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with customers, ensuring referrals and secondary sales.

It’s where the customer and business relationship begins.

In an inbound marketing strategy, the business does not approach the customer first. Rather, if the customer shows an interest in your business, “they are starting the relationship, making it easier to for them to want to buy from you down the line.”

It’s effective.

Inbound marketing is great at generating leads because it utilizes the customer’s natural interest in the product/service to cultivate a lasting relationship. It converts the right visitors into leads, and then into returning customers—without using any obnoxious sales pitches.

The most effective inbound marketers look at their strategy as an opportunity to be a resource from their customers. We know it sounds unorthodox, but if you look at marketing as building a relationship – not just making sales – it makes a whole lot of sense.

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