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Invasion of the Chatbots: AI Going Mainstream

Chances are great that many of the marketing messages you receive in a year or so came to you via a chatbot. Many people think this may herald something akin to a brave new world, and not in a good way: too many marketers love the shiny and new (“Squirrel!”) just because it’s shiny and new. And then – oh, then! – we actually use the same old, same old marketing strategies and processes with the new technology. Which may or may not work.

First, however, some background

Chatbots are “computer programs that respond to texts or digital chats.” They are like conversations with your prospects or customers and, because of advances in AI and natural language processing, they’re becoming more and more “human-like” with each passing day.

People buy your products or services because they have a problem that needs solving. According to, what your buyers and prospects want more than anything is “the most direct line between their problem and a solution. In the future, that line is a bot.”

Chatbots can be set up to respond automatically to customer queries and as wonderful as this form of marketing automation is, there are problems (for the time being, at least): chatbots can’t talk in a true conversational manner and really can’t provide “multi-layered conversations” real humans crave – and demand – and they often don’t understand colloquialisms, slang or other conversational hiccups.

So, when a bot flubs a conversation, it (as HubSpot describes it) “pollut[es] a historically personal space. [Your prospects/customers] will unsubscribe from your bot without thinking twice.”

Yet this chatbot conversational awkwardness someday soon will be a thing of the past (some say that’s already happened). So what’s the future as it pertains to your marketing?

You’re going to want to add chatbots to your digital marketing arsenal

But, as mentioned above, chatbots can be problematic. It can be difficult to find AI platforms that work with your company’s specific marketing needs in mind.

Yet, if you’ve discovered the incredible power of inbound marketing you’re in luck: HubSpot itself has purchased Motion AI, a top chatbot builder. HubSpot’s new chatbot builder allows you to build a chatbot based on your particular needs (and you don’t need to be a techie to use it).

You, will, of course, have to use HubSpot’s inbound marketing platform to access the chatbot builder. Or….

…You could partner with Ingenex Digital Marketing and we will use the builder to build one or more bots for you. We are a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner who has helped dozens of startups, colleges/universities, franchise developers, and other businesses attract – and close! – their perfect clients. Contact us today to learn more about the power of inbound marketing (and chatbots)!

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