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Choosing a Filter: Instagram for Business

Using Instagram has become part of any business’ social plan. It’s a great way to showcase the personality and workings of a company as a brand. Understanding the platform as a business and marketing tool is something that companies are embracing, and there are some ways you can use Instagram for your business more effectively.

Mentioning others in your posts increases the possibility of engagement. But be careful not to use too many hashtags. The rule for Twitter also applies to Instagram: 3-4 hashtags usually hits the sweet spot. Also, descriptions the length of a tweet tend to get more engagement.

Ads are an option, not a necessity. When deciding how to allocate your social spending budget, Instagram ads are usually not a consideration and they don’t have to be. At the moment, Instagram is very selective of who they show ads from. Instead of relying on this method, you can grow your base by following relevant brands and interacting with your followers.

Contests can be cool. If you have a great giveaway, a contest using a hashtag would be a great way to boost followers and engagement. Now you’ve captured their attention, but make sure you have the ability to retain these followers once the contest ends.

Instagram doesn’t currently offer analytics for posts, but there are a number of services like Iconosquare or SimplyMeasured that can give you some insights into what’s working. Remember, if you aren’t measuring or tracking, you won’t get the most out of your social efforts.

If you don’t already, make sure you look at the Instagram for Business blog for updates on how to get the most from your brand’s account.

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