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If you follow HubSpot or Inbound Marketing, it’s likely you have heard about the event, INBOUND. If not, here’s a quick snapshot. Take 21,000 + attendees, from 104 countries, educate them with 250+ sessions, and wow them with keynotes from individuals such as Former First Lady Michelle Obama, WWE Superstar John Cena, and dozens of other remarkable speakers. Take all of this, and place it in a three to four-day conference (depending on HubSpot Partner status), held in Boston, MA. That’s INBOUND.

Throughout INBOUND, attendees with an All-Access or VIP pass, can attend informative/concise 45-minute sessions. These sessions can relate to content, graphic design, agency management, and dozens of other topics that are valuable for marketing agencies such as us, to businesses/organizations looking at practicing HubSpot’s Inbound Methodology. Needless to say, there’s an overwhelming amount of information being passed around/brainstormed throughout the week. Here are the highlights of what we learned while attending this year’s INBOUND.



Nadya Khoja, Head of Marketing at Venngage, spoke to the audience about ways to create EPIC social media visuals. She presented us with common images we all have come across on social media. You know the types; the image of a man laying in a jacuzzi on the mountain, yet the copy relates to content creation? Did you know that $23 billion was spent on social media ads in 2015? That’s a lot of fighting for attention. That’s why Nadya spent her session informing us that we’re in the visual revolution; and it’s important to appeal to core interests and needs. Beyond that information, Nadya shared excellent examples/details of effective social media graphics specific to each platform. To wrap up the session, all attendees were presented with 20+ templates to utilize with ours and client’s social media platforms! Who doesn’t like free stuff!?



In a very detailed and informative, yet user-friendly session, Susan Wiker, Associate Director of SEO at HUGE, spoke to her audience about driving more traffic without spending more money on campaigns. Susan mentions that investing resources in content is the only way to expand your organic footprint; and mentions that search engines are our (humans) go-to problem solving tool. She provided examples from flying on a plane, to purchasing toilet paper, as the starting point for problems searched online. It’s imperative that companies and agencies identify/test those problems, and brainstorm the steps to finding a solution; as those solutions to common problems identify content opportunities that will help companies improve their non-branded keyword ranking.



It’s no surprise that attendees at INBOUND are likely to find out a vast amount of information about HubSpot and their platform. That’s like going to Apple’s Special Event and expecting to not find out about the new iPhone. Nope, all attendees were invited to HubSpot Co-Founders Brian Halligan’s and Dharmesh Shah’s keynote. What started off as a quirky muppet routine, quickly amped up to multiple product/service releases with a cheering crowd of HubSpot users. Products such as an expanded release of HubSpot Sales Professional, to the new HubSpot Customer Hub that is focused on customer service, and keeping your customers happy as you grow your business faster. Overall, it’s quite a time to be a HubSpot customer/agency, as most of the products and services that are being released were FREE! As you probably can tell from this post, we love free stuff—And don’t you? Regardless, you can view all of the new product offerings by HubSpot here.

With Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, and Website Management all under one packaged roof, HubSpot is changing the way of Inbound and Digital Marketing.


**BONUS**: WWE Superstar left the audience wowed with his inspirational discussion about knowing yourself. And offered five recommendations for success:

  1. Know Your Company.
  2. Know What You Do.
  3. Know Your Audience.
  4. Always Ask Questions.
  5. Love What You Do.

Interested yet? If you are, contact us and we’ll show you everything we learned—first-hand—by applying it to your business and marketing strategy.

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