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Inbound Marketing vs. Business Travel for Lead Generation

Imagine a world where highly targeted prospects come to you, rather than you to them. How would this change your lead generation efforts? One thing that would change: no more schlepping hither and thither on the freeway to fruitless sales calls. No more long flights for faraway meetings and days away from home and family. You or your sales people may travel for business, but it’s usually only for client (not prospect) meetings or for closing a sale.


Is this possible? Yes! With inbound marketing!


Take a look below as we compare the two major differences in inbound marketing vs. business travel for lead generation.


Inbound marketing means you attract highly targeted prospects.


They come to you, in other words. Most traditional lead generation efforts entail advertising in some form. Then, if someone calls, stops by or fills out a form, a sales person is on them like the proverbial June bug, asking for a meeting (possibly even pleading for a meeting?) and then, if a meeting is granted, business travel ensues, either via freeway, the less-and-less friendly skies,  or perhaps even via rail.


Let the bad food eating, the sterile hotel room sleeping, and the time-zone changing of business travel begin!


But inbound marketing instead sees you providing your prospects with information they crave. Much B2B sales entails what is known as “considered” purchases. That is, the sales process is long because the product/service is expensive. So your potential buyers are going to consider this purchase over several months by researching, reading, researching, comparing, reading, talking, reading, researching, and doing so for quite a long while.


Your job is to provide them that information! A lot of information. And, because you’re not hounding them but helping perform the research they want, when they’re ready for more information from an actual person, they’ll contact you gladly.


And you –or a sales person – hasn’t even left the building to do so!


Inbound  marketing means prospects never again will politely squirm in your presence.


No one likes to be “sold to.” You, us, your prospects: we hate it. Even interacting with a “consultative” sales professional still feels slightly, well, icky. We know the sales people want to make a sale and they know we know. It’s uncomfortable, and because of that we don’t often get all our questions answered.


The absolute beauty of inbound marketing helps you create a warm, trusting relationship with prospects without having to ever see or speak with them. They come to see you as the BMOC – you ‘da man! – when it comes to your expertise and the quality of your product/service. They never feel uncomfortable as they gently try to steer you toward the door during a sales call….because there are very few sales calls!


Instead, any sales calls your sales team members will be making will be those when prospects who are already quite warm, possibly even ready to buy.


And that sure beats a $10 beer at the airport bar on the way home from an unfruitful business travel any day!



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