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Hyperautomation Meets Marketing Automation: Part 2

As we discussed in our last post, hyperautomation is a terrific way to put your digital marketing on, well, hyper drive.

How so? 

Marketing automation takes the tedium from critical – but OH SO BORING – marketing tasks

For example, how many times a week are your marketers performing competitor research? The fine-tooth-combing of data points? Culling and noting all that data? Couldn’t their time be better spent in reading the data rather than finding it? What if they could just look at the data already culled for them and then use it to come up with strategies to help beat your competitors?

And what if they didn’t have to maintain and monitor the consistency of data between all your different systems? How many headaches would that eliminate?

And what if, hyperautomation in your digital marketing automation dropped 68 percent in the cost of your leads? Or if the volume of your leads increased by more than 500 percent? What would such results do for your bottom line?

AI and marketing automation 

While many marketers are quite familiar with marketing artificial intelligence and marketing automation, few are really using it to its full potential.

For example, using AI with your CRM will help you maximize your collection of user data from several different platforms, learn highly accurate insights regarding target customer’ needs, helping you then determine the most appropriate marketing strategy.

What’s more, AI will provide you with a true wealth of behavioral information. How would your marketing change, for example, if you could see what types of products someone buys, which web pages they browse, and so on?

One thing that will happen: you’ll be better able to visualize the buyer’s journey, helping you provide the right solution to different prospects/leads.

Marketing automation and email marketing

Artificial intelligence marketing means you can personalize your email campaigns based on actual behaviors: you’ll be able to send out a certain email triggered by a certain action. This means you’ll be sending highly relevant messages to prospects’ and customers’ inboxes. In addition, those emails will have highly targeted/relevant subject lines, recommendations on products/services, and so on.

In short, using artificial intelligence as part of marketing automation efforts will help you reach the right leads/customers at the exact right time, while also making sure that the message is relevant, useful and engaging. And that means you have a better chance of conversion.

Your content and marketing automation

Imagine being able to share content with prospects, leads and customers depending on the audience within those funnels? AI marketing allows you to do just that, helping you use right content – the kind that gets results. 

In addition, tools powered by artificial intelligence can even help you create content such as video. So if your AI-found audience data finds that your target market really responds to videos, you can use an AI-video creation tool to create them.

Need to curate content? There are AI tools for that, too! For example – and you’ve no doubt seen it in action yourself, although you may not have known it – but YouTube’s recommendation system will provide suggestions to you depending on your past video-viewing behavior.  You can easily find a similar tool on your own website to suggest blogs, videos, even products in which your website visitors may have an interest based on their interaction with your own site.

Test products, blogs, videos or other forms of content that a website visitor may have an interest in based on how they interact with your site.

Let Ingenex Digital Marketing – and our own expertise in using marketing automation tools – help you in your digital marketing efforts. If you prefer the “old fashioned” way of contacting us, please feel free to send us an e-mail message, or schedule a meeting with us! We look forward to hearing from you!

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