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HubSpot Tools to Enhance Your Franchise Marketing

When it comes to marketing your franchise opportunity to potential franchisees, if you remember one thing only, remember this: your prospective buyers are researching a life-changing purchase. It’s one on which they could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on – or more! It will affect them and their families for years and possibly decades to come. Using HubSpot tools to enhance your franchise marketing is an easy way to optimize your your marketing and get more qualified leads.

But before a prospect can become a lead…

You will need to send them the types of information that answers their questions and calms their (undoubtedly considerable) concerns.

That means that you’re going to be blogging, creating free reports for them to download, creating infographics, sending newsletters, posting on social media, and more. And you’re going to do so a lot. Over and over and over again. Continuously and regularly. Even after they’ve become your franchisee.



HubSpot’s inbound marketing platform allows you to automate a lot of those franchise development marketing tasks.

It comes with an incredible number of digital marketing tools that help you attract highly targeted prospects, convert them into leads and eventually turn them into buyers of your opportunity.

Ingenex Digital Marketing is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner, so we know a thing or two about their tools—because we use them. All. The. Time.


These are a few of the HubSpot tools we love.


  • Blogging software

Blogs are the fastest and most common way to broadcast all the information you’re going to provide potential franchisees.  It also serves to attract targeted visitors to your website. HubSpot offers a fully integrated blogging platform that helps you create high-quality posts that will be found in keyword searches, social media and more. You can create posts from scratch or use the tool’s “blog post blueprints” that let you place images, format post headers correctly, create the best meta tags, add links easily, and optimize posts for mobile viewing.


  • Keyword research help

HubSpot tools allow you to find the topics on which to write and the keywords to place in your content to help not only attract targeted visitors but to also help you build your expertise and authority in your franchise sector.


  • Content strategy

As HubSpot likes to say, you should create “content for humans, but optimized for search engines,” and the digital marketing platform’s content strategy tool not only crawls your website and then suggests topics for you based on your competition, an idea’s relevance and popularity, it also helps you arrange your topics into “clusters of content” that help your content show up higher in search results.


  • A free CRM tool

Franchise development is all about relationships: your digital marketing efforts basically are working to help potential franchisees see you as a trusted advisor as well as franchisor. You want, in a nutshell, to build a relationship with prospects as you move them along their buyer’s journey.

And you therefore need to know exactly where each prospect is in in your sales funnel.

HubSpot’s free CRM tool provides you with a real-time overview of that funnel so that you can see where each prospect is – and possibly where he or she left – in your journey with you.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

These are just a mere handful of the terrific digital marketing tools you’ll receive in HubSpot. From experience, we know these tools are effective in franchise development efforts.


The platform is robust.

We’ve found that many of our franchise development clients come to us for assistance in implementing and utilizing all the tools HubSpot has to offer. To be fair, it IS a time consuming endeavor. They hire us, thus freeing up their time and allowing them to concentrate on prospects and current franchisees.


We’ve put together a free guide – our Franchise Development Marketing Success System – that will help you master digital marketing for your franchise. We hope you find it helpful.


In addition, if you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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