HubSpot + Franchise Development = Leads
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HubSpot + Franchise Development = Leads

If you build it, they will come…But only if you market it!

You want people to purchase your franchise opportunity but if they don’t know it exists? How will they know to buy? Aside from making sure your franchise’s systems are solid and can be successfully duplicated in many different locations, franchise development probably is – and always will be – your top priority.

So, you hire a franchise broker and while he has some success, it takes him longer than you think it should. And that fee of his? Yowza! Why not just give him part ownership in your franchise?!

You may want to consider firing your broker because his way of lead generation doesn’t work anymore: he’s more than likely using the hard sell and your prospects don’t respond to a hard sell. Instead, potential franchisees want information – tons of information – to read, study and ponder as they decide which franchise they will purchase. This is understandable: purchasing a franchise is a life-changing endeavor, one which possibly could see them spending most of their savings and/or taking out expensive loans.

There’s another way to find buyers

…and that is with inbound marketing (sometimes known as HubSpot marketing). This type of marketing attracts highly targeted prospects to your website via content such as blog posts, videos, white papers, infographics, and so on that answer the questions and concerns they have.

You’re able to market to them continuously (via email) because you offer them a free report, checklist or other informational content of value to them. They provide their e-mail address to you in exchange for the freebie and you then continue to send them links to blog posts, offers of free content, etc.

Soon enough, they will call you with questions or fill out a form requesting that a member of your team call them to discuss purchase steps in more depth. You continue to send them information and once they’ve decided to open the type of franchise you offer, they have a great chance of purchasing yours instead of your competitor’s because they consider you an expert, trustworthy and sincere.

The ROI of inbound marketing is incredible!

The result of your franchise development lead generation efforts via HubSpot’s marketing automation platform will be a pipeline filled with “perfect prospects.”

Yet there is a small caveat: learning how to use HubSpot’s platform can take considerable time. For best results, you also should be well-schooled in the inbound methodology.

This is where we come in: we are a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner and also have successfully helped many franchisors with their lead generation.

To learn more about how HubSpot marketing with us can truly boost your targeted lead generation, download our guide to franchise development marketing success. This guide can help you grow the number of franchisees at a lower cost-per-sale!

If you have questions regarding how we might market your particular franchise, please contact us for a free inbound marketing consultation.

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