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How Social Media Enhances Inbound

Inbound marketing is all about providing engaging information that answers the concerns and questions of your prospects. Answer those questions and you’ll lessen their concerns, and they’ll come to trust your expertise over time. And, when ready to buy, they will buy from you rather than your competitors.

Straightforward, right?

You need to broadcast that terrific content

You’re producing awesome stuff for your prospects, primarily via blogs and – drum roll please!)– social media! (but you already knew we were going to say that.)


You’re using keywords in your posts that your prospects use when they’re researching a particular question they have or challenge they’re facing, and they’ll find your blog when they perform a browser search. Social media also needs to be a top broadcasting location because keywords in your social media updates help get more eyeballs reading your blog posts (and therefore on your website) making it, as HubSpot says, an “indispensable part of your marketing mix.”


There is a problem, however

Every marketer/company is broadcasting content on social media. In other words, not only is social media critical to your inbound marketing efforts, everyone uses it and it’s thus become exceedingly difficult to get your social media posts even seen by folks visiting the channels.

Advertising is becoming more and more just about the only way to get your company’s posts seen today on social media (a topic for another post). But all is not lost. Take a look below how social media can showcase your brand and make it a more inviting space to enter.


Don’t be afraid to be a little shocking.

In other words, be human. “Let your humanity shine,” HubSpot says. Be clever, be contrary. Take a few calculated risks with posts. Why? Because people don’t follow companies, they follow people, and the more lively and personable your social posts are, the better chance you have of gathering followers.



Give ‘em something to look at.

Facebook posts on brand pages with video or photos get 87 percent more interactions. Tweets with an image receive 18 percent more clicks and 150 percent more retweets. Provide eye-popping photos and visuals on your social posts and watch the interaction grow!


It’s quality over quantity.

Yes, you need to share on social regularly. But you don’t necessarily have to do so every day (or 10 times a day). One quality post crafted with your buyer personas in mind once a day can go a lot farther than a scattershot approach to what you post.


Don’t forget hashtags.



All channels use hashtags, those # characters that identify messages on a specific topic. People often search their channels using hashtags, so using a hashtag such as #SaltLakeCityFranchises, for example, would be a good way for a franchisor to attract Salt Lake City residents who are interested in opening a franchise.


Social media can be a true boom to your lead generation efforts via inbound marketing. And, just as with any digital marketing effort, any social strategy needs to be thought out and executed well.

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