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Experiment with the Google Display Network

When you run a Google AdWords campaign, where do your ads appear? Sure they show in search results when your keywords match a search, but they also appear throughout the Google Display Network.

The Google Display Network is comprised of websites that show AdWords Ads. This includes Google sites like Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube, but also tons of other websites plus mobile sites and apps. Your ads are automatically matched to these sites and apps based on how the site content matches your keywords and overall topic.

When creating your ads, make sure your keywords are appropriate and specific so that your ads show on the best sites possible. If you want total control, you can even choose specific sites or pages for your ads to show or block your ads from sites you don’t want them to appear. You can also target based on interest categories or develop a remarketing campaign which targets people who previously visited your site.

Use the vast network to your advantage, and make high quality ads with good keywords to drive leads to your site. Take the opportunity to test ads and try out different types like video or image ads. Keep in mind that a strategy for the Display Network differs greatly from a traditional Search campaign so adjust your goals to be more realistic.

I bet you didn’t know the Google Display Network did all of that did you? Keep testing and trying new things and educate yourself on all of the network’s capabilities to ensure the best results.

photo credit: Florence Ivy via photopin cc

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