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5 Free Keyword Tools to Better Your Business

Keyword research! It’s not rocket science, but it sure can feel hard if you haven’t done it much. Yet, it’s a great skill to master: coming up with accurate keywords helps you out big time with SEO.

Plus, there’s no excuse not to when it’s free!

Therefore, here is our list of five free keyword research tools.

1.  Keyword Sh!tter (Yep, we just typed that!)


So easy, even your toddler can find keywords. All it takes to use this free tool is to type in just one teeny keyword (or a keyword phrase), then hit the Sh!t Keywords button and you’ll get thousands of keywords.

The only bad thing about this keyword finder? It’s quite basic and doesn’t provide trends data or search volumes. It also doesn’t group keywords at all.

2.  AdWord and SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

Want to know different permutations for keywords? Use this tool. It’s great for when you want to use transactional or informational modifiers (best, least expensive, price, etc.). 

For example, you can put “least expensive” in the first search field, different keywords you want to use with modifiers in the second field and price (“less than $50,” for example) in the third. The tool will create different permutations using all the keywords in all three fields.

3.  Answer the Public

You simply must check out this keyword finder. Place a keyword phrase in the finder box, and the gif of the impatient, turtle-necked, bearded, egghead/professor (?) will then provide you with a large starburst of different questions, which use your keyword phrase.

For example, use the phrase “social media management,” and up pops possible questions you can incorporate into your content. This could include “which social media management tool is best” or “what is social media software.” You can then use phrases applicable to what you’re offering in your content. (Remember, people are looking for answers to questions and often use questions in searches.)

4.  Keywords Everywhere

This free keyword tool isn’t a website, it’s an add-on for Chrome or Firefox. This tool provides keywords plus Cost Per Click information, competition data, and search volume information.

Tip: you could use this tool plus Keywords Sh!tter as a replacement/alternative to the more limited Google Keyword Planner.

5. Google

Good ol’ Google? As one of our free keyword tools? Yup. Aside from its world domination desires, it can work as its own nifty free SEO keyword search helper. We’re not talking about the Google Keyword Planner. Nope. Just place your desired keyword in Google’s home page and take a look at the “People also ask” box that appears in some search results. You can get keyword ideas/questions using keywords there.

Simply click on any of the links/questions, scroll down, and see more questions/keyword phrases. Continue clicking on questions and drill down to your heart’s content.

Or… Use an Agency

Using free keyword tools, it’s easy to find keywords, how much they’re used, and so on. What’s harder is knowing which keywords your target prospects are using so that your website pages and blog posts appear in search.

That’s where we really come in. Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, to arrange for a personal chat regarding keyword search. There, you can discuss how to know which keywords your target market uses when it’s looking for answers to its questions and concerns.

If you prefer email, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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