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Digital marketing tools such as HubSpot and others like it help you automate your inbound marketing efforts. They’re terrific! They’re also pricey. But did you know there are a number of FREE HubSpot tools? Take a look! You might find them to be really handy. And did we mention they are FREE?




A marketing plan template generator.


Inbound marketing practically requires considerable planning: there’s really no winging it if you want to do it right and reap its substantial rewards. That’s why HubSpot’s free marketing plan template generator is so valuable.


The tool first asks you to describe your company and what it offers. It also helps you create a mission statement, asks you to describe your main focus for the coming year, asks you to choose three main goals from several the tool offers as ideas, asks you to choose the metrics you’ll aim to meet for those three main goals, and then select the main initiatives to follow next year. It’s a great map/guidepost you’ll be making for yourself!


Blog post ideas generator.


Successful digital marketing today pretty much requires that you create a lot of content – information of value to your prospects and helps them solve their problems and answer their questions. Most of that content will be in the form of blog posts.


But once you write your first blog posts, ideas for subsequent posts can be a lot more difficult to think of. HubSpot’s blog post ideas generator tool to the rescue!


Simply place three nouns that relate to your product/service in the free tool and up pop five blog topic ideas. If you don’t like the ideas, you can use the same three nouns or try three other ones and receive different topic ideas. You can even get a whole year worth of topics, ALL FOR FREE!


A free business card template generator.




If you’re just starting out, you may not have the funds to hire a graphic designer to create your business cards. This template generator asks you to select from one of nine business card template designs and then place your information (name, company name, phone number, website url, email address, etc. in the appropriate forms. You can then download it and take it to your printer. You can even customize the card’s colors and font size/style.


An email signature template generator.


All of your emails should have your electronic signature at the bottom. This consists of your name, email address, phone number, website url, links to your social media channels, and even your company’s tagline—this makes it easier for people to reach you in the most covient way for thm. HubSpot’s email signature generator creates this for you. Just fill out the forms with your information, etc. (you can even add a photo or image) and choose the style of signature you want. Done! Terrific email signature you have there!


A free invoice template generator.


Naturally, you’re going to want to invoice your clients. Instead of creating a simple word doc, make your invoice look professional with Hubspot’s free invoice template generator.


Simply fill out your company’s information, your client’s information, upload your logo, type up what the invoice is for and download and print.


You also can download an additional 10 free invoice templates by giving HubSpot your email address.


Give these free digital marketing tools a test drive and let us know what you think. Then, if you’d like more information on how our digital marketing agency can help you really rock when it comes to using HubSpot to its fullest capacity, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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