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Heads Up, Franchises: The Hard Sell Doesn’t Work Anymore

So you’re thinking of hiring a franchise broker to market your franchise opportunity to potential buyers. What do you think he’s going to do? He’s going to sell it. Hard. That’s what he’s going to do!

And it won’t work. Here’s why inbound – specifically lead nurturing – is the way to go:

1. Hard selling is dead. Today it’s all about building trust with your prospect.

Your potential franchises are doing most of their research online. They want a ton of information, because purchasing a franchise is an utterly life-changing decision. $50,000-$1 million to start? We’re willing to bet they spend tens of hours doing research.

They want stats, facts – and most of all – success stories. And they’re looking for this online. They are poring over franchisor’s websites and looking for reviews by franchisees.

Make sure they are getting this information from your website, where you can put your best foot forward.  If you  answer questions honestly, interact regularly, and avoid hard selling… well, you’ll make sales.

2. Lead nurturing keeps you front-of-mind and puts your franchise’s best foot forward.

When you make a life-changing purchase, don’t you want your “hand held”? If you’re purchasing a home, for example, don’t you want a Realtor to walk you through it, to be there for you, to tell you the truth, and be your advocate?

That’s what lead nurturing does. By providing the type of information your franchise prospects need and crave, they will come to trust you as they go through their buyer’s journey (it takes time). Give them engaging, in-depth information and they will come back for more. Finally, once they’re ready to buy, they will buy a franchise from you – not your competitor – because they trust your expertise; they know you won’t let them down as they make the massive leap into the unknown.

So how should you nurture?

  • Provide in-depth information on your website and blog
  • Use personas, analytics and common search terms to optimize this content 
  • Offer a free, helpful ebook or report in exchange for their email address
  • Send information based on where they are in their buyer’s journey
  • Remind them of your business using newsletter emails, paid advertisements and social media
  • Field calls for more information
  • Follow up!

Check out our post on the 5 best ways to nurture your leads.

3. Lead nurturing is tried and true; just ask the experts.

Ingenex Digital Marketing has been helping franchisors* market their opportunity for several years now. And to considerable success! We use a form of digital marketing known as inbound marketing – we are a Hubspot Gold Certified Agency Partner – and believe you us, it delivers a fantastic ROI. We are leading the way when it comes to inbound marketing for franchisors. If you’d like to find out more, schedule a consultation today.

*By the way, that link takes you to our very own free-report-in-exchange-for-email-address landing page! Get nurtured.

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