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Franchisee Instagrams: Building Your Best Following

Chances are great that you – or a friend or family member under the age of 29 – is using Instagram.

You may think, given the social platform’s user base skews younger and the that potential franchisees of your franchise opportunity are older (age 45-54), that building the following of a potential franchisee Instagram might be – shall we say – a bit misguided. You’d be wrong.

Yes, as the statistic linked to above makes clear, 64% of the ’Gram’s users are under the age of 29. With 40% aged 30-49 and 21 percent aged 50-64, a full 61% of users are in your age demographic.

You should be on Instagram, too!


How to Increase Social Media Engagement on a Franchisee Instagram

Focus on Visual Appeal

The platform is all about the photos. Yes, the caption and content below the photo are becoming more and more critical, but people using the predominantly mobile app don’t see a caption/text until they click on a photo. Photos are king.

Using User Generated Content (UGC)

You, therefore, need attractive, eye-catching visuals. While you can use stock photos, their use should be minimal. Instead, post pictures of happy franchisees working, serving customers, etc. (Make sure they get permission from the customers, of course.) In fact, ask customers to post photos on their Instagram feeds, tagging the franchisee Instagram handle. Then repost their posts onto your profile. This is called “user generated content,” and it can go a long way to expanding your reach and gaining followers.

Make your Director Debut

Many of the top influencer marketing gurus recommend using Instagram Stories and IGTV functions. In other words – video, baby! Move from static photos to, well, moving photos! People just love this type of custom content. That little “push to start” arrow on a video? It’s as if people are compelled to click on it. Video helps your brand connect with prospects in an exceedingly effective and lasting manner. Video ideas? Create a short “How to Become One of Our Franchisees” video. How about a 30-second video talking to a current franchisee about how much better their life is since they opened their franchise?

Partnering with Influencers

Check out the top Instagrammers in the areas in which you want to increase franchise ownership and see if you can collaborate with these micro-influencers in your franchise marketing efforts. This type of focused niche content can go a long way to attracting targeted prospects to your brand.

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We’re Here for You Too

Does all this sound like fun? It should, because it is. Franchise marketing can be a blast, allowing you to use terrific tools and creativity to get your message out while attracting the right kind of prospects! However, you shouldn’t just start performing social media marketing willy-nilly. It’s relatively easy to do so and see what we call “vanity metrics” soar quickly….but with little actual marketing results to show for it.

Instead, contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, to set up a time to chat about our proven franchise development marketing services  Yes, we’re a local agency located in Michigan, but there are definite benefits to working with us rather than a large agency. Contact us today.

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