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Long-time readers of our blog know how important content marketing is when it comes to attracting potential franchisees to your franchise opportunity.

Yet, when it comes to marketing your franchisees’ locations, franchise marketing becomes more problematic. While each location needs individual visibility, each location is not its own business: it’s another branch on the tree that is your entire franchise. That needs to reflect in franchisee content marketing.

Even a completely separate website or micro-sites for each franchise doesn’t always solve the problem. Each location still needs to follow branding and franchise development guidelines as set by you, the franchisor. 

You also don’t want your different franchisees to compete for pay-per-click results within the franchise, particularly those locations near each other. The same goes for the content on any micro-site or individual franchisee’s location page on your website: it can’t be the same, but it can’t take away from its franchisee neighbor’s content either.

So what’s a franchisor or even a franchisee to do?

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First, a bit about the “dangers” of duplicate content.

Your first thought might be, “I can see why overlapping/nearby franchise locations shouldn’t have the same content on their micro-site/page. I just don’t understand how could this hurt franchisees far away?”

Great question! Unfortunately, Google doesn’t take kindly to what is known as duplicate content. It diminishes overall brand visibility and SEO rank.

Easy fix: create content that’s specific to a franchisee’s area.

Franchisee content marketing is particularly straightforward within micro-sites: place keywords in content that specify a region. In fact, long-tail keywords are particularly useful in this context. Add a blog post or two to the micro-site that talks about events/sales/people within that particular town or area. Add user-generated content such as testimonials, photos, “as told to” experiences, case studies, etc.

Provide clear brand and overall messaging guidelines to your franchisees.

Giving your franchisees a franchisee content marketing strategy and franchise brand guidelines, etc. helps them, of course. Insist within your franchise agreement that they use and maintain them in any independent marketing they do. It is essential to ensuring that your brand visibility stays consistent.

Partner with an experienced franchise development marketing company.

Ingenex Digital Marketing can help you not only market your franchise opportunity to potential franchisees, we also can help you help you and your franchisees market their businesses. We’ll help you create a franchise marketing plan that will attract highly targeted prospects to your franchise opportunity while also helping you with your franchisees’ content marketing strategy so that your marketing help on their behalf helps franchisees find new customers while not hurting your other franchisees nearby.

To learn more about how we can help you, schedule a one-on-one chat with Jeff Hays, our director of client services.  Or, as always, feel free to contact us with any and all questions.


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