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Franchise Development Marketing

Emerging Franchise Tools

You’re starting a franchise. Rather, you’ve started a successful business in one or two locations and you plan to sell it as a franchise opportunity. You’re currently working to get all the bugs out of your build-a-business system so that you can begin franchising locations. Just a few more kinks to iron out and bingo: you’ll be working hard in your franchise development marketing efforts.

While we understand you may not yet be all about the marketing of your opportunity to potential franchisees, to help you get a running start, here are some valuable franchise tools we think will be of great help to you when the time is right.

1.     FranConnect®

This company offers franchise management software that pretty much does it all when it comes to managing your development efforts, sales, franchisee support, and more. Bottom line? This franchise tool helps you – and your franchise owners – manage, track and run your business.

2.     The Emerging Franchisor Conference

When you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to meet up with other start-up franchisors. This conference, which focuses on helping franchise marketers and executives build their brands and learn about the latest technology, also helps you network and learn from newbies like yourself as well as from the best franchise marketing experts available.

3.     HubSpot

We use this terrific digital marketing software platform to market ourselves as well as our clients. It’s a mighty tool when used for franchise development marketing, particularly because it automates so much of the inbound marketing strategies and tasks that work so well in attracting perfect franchisee prospects.

4.     The International Franchise Association

The IFA is the oldest as well as the largest organization for franchisors and franchisees worldwide, a.k.a. one of the best franchise tools. It has a wealth of free information on its website on public relations, educational programs, franchisee development marketing, and more. Members also have the chance to receive advice and help solving problems from experienced franchise owners.

5.     Ingenex Digital Marketing

We have helped several franchisors with their franchise development marketing, and we’d love to help you, as well. Our inbound digital marketing services help franchise owners attract, court and close highly targeted franchisee prospects.

Contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, for a personal chat. Or if you’d prefer to wait for a one-on-one, feel free to contact us with questions any time.

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