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Franchise Development Marketing

Fighting Franchise Pay-Per-Click Cannibalism

Let’s say your franchise development has resulted in your franchise opportunity seeing several new franchise owners in the same general region: overlapping franchisees, if you will.

That’s great news, of course! Especially for you, the franchisor.

It may not be so great for your franchisees. Why? They could be taking sales away from each other. You as the franchisor need to put together specific and strategic franchise marketing guidelines. This particularly applies to either the keyword bidding you perform as the franchisor or the pay-per-click campaigns your franchisors run themselves, or else you could suffer from pay-per-click cannibalism (aka PPC cannibalism).

Keeping Franchisee PPC Cannibalism at Bay

  •      As the franchisor, you naturally want your franchisees to succeed, to receive a terrific ROI on their partnership with you. You can help them do so by identifying the keywords each of your franchisees should – and should not – bid upon. (You can easily enough provide good, best and “don’t touch” keywords to them when they purchase the franchise and launch their social media and microsite.)
  •      Another great tactic is to overhaul your franchisees’ geotargeting to ensure “overlapping franchisees” (those with territories near each other as well as those whose franchise areas actually do overlap with others) don’t use the same keywords.
  •      You also may want to encourage your franchisees to get to know their close neighbors and even suggest collaboration, as appropriate (holding special regional sales together, for example).

As the Franchisor, Consider Performing PPC Efforts Yourself

You could, of course, teach your franchisees how to bid on keywords themselves. However, it may be better for you to manage franchise marketing from your end. Doing so allows you to gather complete data, helping you figure out which marketing works best throughout your franchisee network. Additionally, it helps you know which ads work best and which products/services advertised bring in the best (as in highest paying and repeat) customers.

Another benefit of doing PPC at franchise HQ? It helps each of your new franchisees (as the article linked to above says) “hit the ground running with the learnings” from your older franchise locations. Your franchise locations thus receive the best return on investment and pay-per-click cannibalism reduces to practically zero. Everyone wins!

To help you with your franchise development, take a look at these terrific digital marketing and marketing automation tools from HubSpot.

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You Take Care of Your Franchisees; Let Us Take Care of Your Franchise Marketing

Operating a franchise is hard work. To be successful, you need to provide a true turnkey “business in a box” for your franchisees so that all they need do is follow your guidelines, systems and policies to reach success. Many kinks need to be smoothed before launching a franchise opportunity and problems solved while franchisees open locations.

You’ve more than enough on your plate. Why add PPC advertising and overall franchise marketing to the mix? Instead, contact Jeff Hays, our director of client services, for a one-on-one chat regarding what we at Ingenex Digital Marketing can do for your franchise. You also, of course, may contact us at any time.

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