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Franchise Geotargeting Blogs: Locals Only

Do you have a nationwide franchise opportunity on offer? Naturally, your franchise marketing strategy is nationwide, right?

Franchisees will open their businesses in towns and cities large and small throughout the country. In Atlanta and Des Moines, in Los Angeles, Detroit, and even Reading, PA.

If they live in Reading, PA, don’t you think they’ll fire up the ol’ browser window and type in “affordable franchises in Pennsylvania”? If they live if a larger U.S. city in Southern California, such as Los Angeles, they’ll search “Los Angeles franchises”?

You bet they will!

Geotargeting is a Huge SEO Advantage

The smart thing to do regarding your SEO strategy is to occasionally engage in local SEO targeting for various cities/regions in which you wish to find franchisees. You do this mainly via blog content on your website.

While your primary blog strategy will see you writing posts that answer the questions and concerns your potential franchisees have, you also want to write a few posts with geotargeting in mind. The best franchise blogs do so with localized search engine optimization.

The Local Geotargeting Strategy

It makes perfect sense. If you’re looking for entrepreneurs in Des Moines, you’d write a post specifically about Des Moines and its surrounding area. You’d mention how that area is ripe for opening your particular franchise opportunity. You’d mention nearby cities, demographics (including median incomes), popular spots, landmarks, neighborhoods, trivia and other information pertinent only to Des Moines.

Do so, and those searching for entrepreneurial/franchise opportunities in Des Moines will see your blog post pop up at the top of their search engine results when they use Des Moines in their search term. They’ll read the post and learn why their city is a great one for entrepreneurs. Then, they will probably look at more of your posts. If your franchise opportunity is one that interests them, they’ll provide you with their email address so they can download your free report with more information on your opportunity. You can then nurture your relationship with them by sending the links to other blog posts and additional free offers of valuable information.

Using Localized SEO to Your Advantage

Local SEO targeting works for any city in which you’re looking for franchisees.

If you’re looking for help with your franchise SEO strategy, look to Ingenex Digital Marketing. We’ve helped many a franchisor attract highly targeted potential buyers of their franchise opportunities.

Please contact Jeff Hays, director of client services, to schedule a personal, one-on-one discussion about your franchise marketing strategy. If you prefer email, please contact us any time.

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