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Franchise Development Marketing

Franchise Email Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy

When it comes to franchise marketing, it’s imperative that all of your franchise marketing is personalized for franchisees’ local areas.

As mentioned in previous posts, this includes website geotargeting, content marketing, and, of course, a franchise email marketing strategy.

Why is personalizing emails one of the most important of franchise marketing tips? Imagine that, for example, that you offer a home cleaning franchise. Because your franchise development marketing efforts have been going so well, you’ve decided to start expanding from the southwestern part of the country to the northeast.

As you sign new franchisees, you start sending out emails to all of the northeast franchisees’ customers. All well and good. You also send emails to folks in the southwest region of the U.S. Also all well and good.

Except, you use a generic email that mentions how homes in the southwest have been getting so dusty lately from the lack of rain, so it’s probably time for a good and thorough cleaning. But….it’s been raining more than ever for the past year in the northeast. Oops! BIG oops!

So, how do you execute a great email marketing effort that follows guidelines, but still has personalized messages for individual franchisees?

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A Segmented Franchise Email Marketing Strategy to the Rescue!

  •      Your first step is to create a central email marketing system. You also need to make sure it’s segmented into lists for audiences based on their location. You may want to segment these segmented lists even further, into county or city, depending on the number of franchisees. Also factor in the hyper-local celebrations, events, etc. possible within those different areas. For example, franchisees in Southern California may want to run Cinco de Mayo sales, while Northern California owners may shrug their shoulders at the idea.
  •      Once you’ve segmented your lists, create email templates that franchisees can personalize. This especially is important for your message’s subject lines. In fact, depending on how “generic” the email body is, you may be able to segment one relatively easy by just personalizing the subject line.
  •      However, chances are good you’ll need to create separate email templates for each region. This needn’t be a gargantuan pain in the patootie: create templates that have links to individual franchisee’s social media accounts and make sure to jot down festivals, special events, landmarks and even particular saying/language for a franchisee’s location so that you can add these easily for each location as applicable.

Geotargeting/Segmentation Works when it comes to Franchisee Email Marketing

In a nutshell, if you want to know how to increase franchise email marketing engagement, use email segmentation. Here are five reasons why:

  1.     Open rates will improve.
  2.     Conversions will increase.
  3.     It will boost click-through rates.
  4.     Chances are greater the message won’t be labeled as spam.
  5.     It will reduce the amount of “unsubscribes.”

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