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Franchise Development: Blogging for Leads

Blogging is the #1 way to increase organic traffic on your franchise development website; having a blog will build long-term SEO value. It’s an essential element to any smart inbound marketing plan.

Want to move away from broker leads and portals? Build a blog, and you’ll attract leads without having to write those huge checks. You will own your marketing assets, and they will provide incredible value over time.  Healthy and useful content is always relevant and proven to convert.

Five tips to keep in mind:

  1. Blog about what makes your franchise great; tell the story in a fun and engaging way on your blog. Keeping a conversational tone will encourage readers to engage.
  2. Blog about territories and areas you’re still looking to sell. Use keywords like names of towns and counties where there are key franchise opportunities.  Location-focused posts grab readers because it makes them think you’re writing just for them.
  3. Put CTA’s (calls-to-action) in each blog post.  These CTAs should lead to key landing pages that offer more information about your brand and how your franchise operates.  Providing links to this kind of information will help a prospect determine if your franchise is a good fit for them.
  4. Make sure readers can subscribe to future posts; place a simple “Subscribe to my Blog” form at the top right of your blog. Signing up for your franchise development blog indicates that someone is interested and well-informed – a good candidate to purchase a franchise from you.
  5. Promote your best blog posts on Linkedin and Facebook to specific target audiences who could read them and purchase a franchise. Spreading your posts on different social media platforms will help expand your audience, which will lead to an increase in franchise sales.

In summary:

You can dramatically increase the value of your website and the organic traffic and leads coming to your Franchise Development website by blogging regularly and giving your audience the information they want, and making that information as accessible as possible.

It also helps to have a talented inbound marketing agency on your payroll. Ingenex Digital Marketing is an inbound agency that specializes in franchise development marketing and non-broker lead generation. We are a Hubspot Gold Partner Agency and have spent the last few years helping franchises achieve award winning growth.


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